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FreedomPop Has Wi-Fi Service That Does A Lot More Than Just Giving Extra Data

Published / by Logan / 1 Comment on FreedomPop Has Wi-Fi Service That Does A Lot More Than Just Giving Extra Data

With all the changes that FreedomPop has made to their services, it’s a good idea to create a FreedomPop review for 2016 that has the updated changes. One of the biggest changes is to the free service, which now has unlimited text messages instead of the limit of 500 text messages like before. With the added text messages, many can choose to use texting as their main form of communication as opposed to making phone calls if they don’t have enough minutes. Even those who have the free cell phone plan can use their smartphone to make calls over Wi-Fi.


The Wi-Fi service can also be used for data on the free plan, which means it’s easy for a person to go through the entire month without having to use up all of the resources that they have on the free plan. Anyone who is in need of additional minutes as well as data can also choose the paid plan, which costs only $10.99 and has an extra 300 MB of data for a total of 500 MB as well as unlimited calls and texts.


Anyone who ever considered using cell phone service through Wi-Fi alone can also get it from FreedomPop for the low cost of five dollars per month. The Wi-Fi service is usable on phones that allow calls over Wi-Fi, so standard cell phones that have no Wi-Fi connection will not work. FreedomPop takes just about any phone, even GSM phones that take a sim card. Since FreedomPop now sells sim cards, anyone who obtains the sim cards can put it in their GSM phone that they’re bringing to the company.


Sim cards are now running around $0.99, and they fit the size of any sim card slot that is currently in any smartphones. Although GSM phones are now usable on the FreedomPop network, feel free to bring a Sprint phone over as well because they are still usable on the network. Anyone who has an interest in Internet service should try one of the services that FreedomPop offers, especially if they need a portable hotspot. The portable hotspots are great because they’re small in size and will get 500 MB of data free each month.

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