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Rocketship Education: The Next Step in Modern Education

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Rocketship is a California based charter operator. It started its first elementary institution in 2007. Its difference from other schools is that it combines two forms of teaching. It uses both the traditional teaching approach and online computer based approach to delivering quality and competent education to the students. Together with the strong initial strong test scores it delivers, Rocketship gained national attention. The use of online platforms helps to reduce the administration costs. Initially, the online delivery of information would have needed employment of a messenger.

In 2013, the D.C Public Charter school requested that the government should allow more schools to be opened by Rocketship within the district. However, opponents have disputed and argued that these schools will provide unnecessary competition to the schools that have initially been using the traditional elementary system. Regional Rocketship director, Jacque Patterson, has implied that their major objective to open a fair and credible intake admission of a student from any D.C. However, special focus and advantage will be given to students from the Ward8 neighborhood.

The school plan is to establish a preschool at the facility. It also has plans to run up to fourth grade. Employment of teachers in the facility has well been put under as the initiative of both the principal and the parents. This is an excellent idea of involving the parents in the management committee. The principal shortlists the candidates who are interested in working as teachers. They then organize for an interview that is conducted by one parent, both or even more.

The administration has also planned to set aside a room that will act as a cyber or computer laboratory. The major difference is that there will be no charging of funds to access the internet at this point. These rooms are to be used by parents as they come to pick up their children. The parents who may require submitting job applications or CV’s may make use of these room at no cost. The best way to make people of a community rebuild, revitalize, and start buying from the community itself is by setting up a school. For a majority of the school parents, this is the first time they have been actively involved in their children’s schooling.