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Alex Pall Of Chain Smokers Talks About The Chainsmokers Transition To Singing And Artistic Life

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Like most other electronic music producers, the Chainsmokers duo, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart started off as the faceless beat crafters. But they are slowly moving into the artistic limelight by singing and featuring in their music videos. Having first featured in their radio-banger track, “Closer”, Alex Pall argues that the DJ duo are slowly finding a balance between crafting beats and singing.

He also adds that they only aim at giving the electronic music a deeper meaning and add life to their music by providing a face that their audiences can relate and find an attachment with and not just the beats. The Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” hitmaker is, however, quick to mention that coming to this decision hasn’t been easy.

What informed the decision to build an artistic identity?

Alex Pall mentions that in most cases, electronic DJs work with song composers who craft content and vocalists who bring them to life. This essentially means that they often have no attachment to the content they release to the public seeing that it is a more of collaboration. However, Alex argues that while they also employ the services of songwriters, they always sit down with them and guide their content.

He further adds that their songs are particularly inspired by their real lives and that they have even had to write some songs themselves. This attachment, therefore, played a significant role in informing the decision to have their audience not only identify with the beats but also the individuals to whom the content of the song relates to.

The impact of their lives on their music

In answering the question of how their lives have shaped their careers as well as the decision to feature in their songs, Alex Pall talks about how he came to meet Taggart. He mentions that while he has always had an interest in music, he only actualized his ambitions in college. He practiced DJ-ing while at school for different events around New York City and seeing its potential decided to contract a manager. His manager would later introduce him to another college student and aspiring DJ from Maine, Andrew Taggart, with whom they would go on to form the Chainsmokers DJ duo.

The Chainsmokers, State Of Things

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Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are people who came into the music business with a long history of electronic dance music which shaped the way that they played each of their shows alongside a different singer who added their spin on how the music was to be interpreted. They have records upon records of their electronic dance music which carries a certain vibe to it when people listen out for all of the new releases that come out via internet. The playlists that they practice and perform contain the elements very similar to a romantic novel or a daring adventure. It is truly inspiring to hear them and their overall sound scape as they help the masses who listen to their music to escape just for a while. The lesser known things about Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart is that they came from humble beginnings where Alex’s mom was a stay home mom and his dad was an art dealer which probably helped to inspire Alex in his thoughts about going in that direction in life as a career. Andrew came from the state of Maine and his education in a community college was most pertaining to music business. They both knew what they were getting into but they just did not know yet how things were to come to be. That is when they finally met in New York City where Alex Pall was in need of another talented Disc Jockey to continue to pursue the path of the artist. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have journeyed together in partnership and friendship to exact the reflections that are currently taking place in the world today. From Roses to Closer they covered a lot of intimate and romantic subjects many electronic dance artists do not venture into for the sake of maintaining the norms of what electronic dance music “should” sound like. The Chainsmokers however go to unknown territory with their music, especially with the new release of Sick Boy that has the crowds going wild. Yes, it has taken a darker turn for the truth but it is what Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart describe as the current state of things as of recent.

Norka’s Success Goes Beyond the Billboard Bash

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State Farm presented the Billboard Bash that brought together all members of the music industry. They all came together to celebrate their success in music and attend to special performances from Elvis Crespo, Magan, and Dr. Juan. The event, whose host was Guard & TV Crash of Mun2, included performances by Norka Luque, Santaye, Grupo Treo, and Jossie Cordoba who were the evening guests that made up dances.

These exclusive performances followed the set of singer Palencia Horacio. The salsa group N’Klabe performed many songs in the night at the Miami Brach night club. The executive director, Leila Cobo, Latin Programing & Content at Billboard presented numerous awards to the top achievers in the industry. Universal and Sony were among the top achievers this year. Some of the attendees of the event included Sesac Latina, Tomy Page, and the Vice President Relations J.J. the Vice President Talent & Media Relations mun2/Telemundo.

Seroussi, the receiver of one of the most significant awards in the meeting, invited the Sony team on the stage. They were thanked by all those that support the label. The night came to a close with the Megan Electrifying Showcase. Crespo also performed in the evening. Rum Ron Atlantico and Pepsi were the official sponsors of the event.

Martinez Luque got unconditional support from her parents as a child. She began to grow in music and formal education simultaneously through the exclusive help of her parents. Martinez Luque loved music. When she was a child, she could not sleep before music was played. For this reason, her parents noted her talent and decided to nature it. While she pursued her academic education, she attended flamenco, piano, ballads, and ballet lessons.

When she graduated from high school, Norka went to France to study Business Administration. She also received a degree in Fashion and Marketing. Norka kept on being connected with her dream. She kept on thinking about her dream every time she was alone. Narka decided to join a local band to keep her dream burning. She acceded to the Bad Moon Rising and sang as a soloist. For more than four years away, she decided to come back to America. Norka met the light of her dreams. Emilio Estefan, the legendary music producer, met with Norka in a meeting. Norka was so excited. She showed her the material she had been working.