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Sahm Adrangi Of Kerrisdale Capital Tries To Expose Kodaks Exploits

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Sahm Adrangi has stated clearly that he is unimpressed with the latest efforts being made at Eastman Kodak, which is a printing and photo company that has been in operation for quite a long time, and at one time was the biggest contender in the market. Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital has recently called out Kodak for their questionable stock price changes, reaching almost a 200 percent increase. This turns out to be hundreds of millions of dollars in profit in a just small amount of time. Kerrisdale has been observing the activity of Kodak and the large share values obtained by the Kodak board representatives. All of this happened right after Kodak made the announcement of its involvement in cryptocurrency.

Kerrisdale has reported that Kodak and a cryptocurrency group were partnering up in order to sort out a few copyright violation issues. Unfortunately for Kodak, this new move might not help them at all with their current problems. Hardly any publicity has been generated under Kodak’s new allegiance with a cryptocurrency group, which will ultimately cause Kodak’s revival to fail. Sahm Adrangi also warns people to be wary of not only Kodak, but Kodak’s partner’s as well. These crypto groups have been found to be unreliable, especially with the volatile crypto market that is currently in place. On an even worse note, Kerrisdale has plainly stated that KodakOne is a total scam business and is a last-ditch effort to gain their assets back.

Kerrisdale was started up back in 2009 by Sahm Adrangi, and he currently resides as the company’s CEO. Sahm has unique principles in place at Kerrisdale and takes communication very seriously when it comes to making investments. Much of the experience Sahm gained to started off his investing career came from Yale University, where Sahm studied Economics. After graduating and finding his way into the industry, Sahm ended up working with several prestigious investment firms, including Longacre Fund Management, Deutsche Bank, and even Chanin Capital Partners. Sahm is dedicated to pushing out the shady business practices and suspicious moves made by company’s these days. This is why Kerrisdale continues to issues reports on various companies and their actions as a way to alert all investors out there.

White Shark Media Increase Website Traffic with Customized Digital Marketing Strategies

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There are many different advertising channels that companies are using today to advertise their products and services. But, in this internet age, if your business does not have an online presence, your brand will not be recognized. Digital marketing is one of the easiest and effective ways of reaching out to your target market. White Shark Media is one of the top digital marketing companies offering a wide range of digital marketing solutions that are customized according to the needs of their clients. Based out of Florida, the company works with clients from varied industries and bring in excellent results for them.

I own a car hire and service company and have repeat customers who enjoy my customized services. But, there was a time when I hit a plateau in sales and needed a boost to find more customers. I thought the best way to do it was by promoting my website on a national level. I was recommended White Shark Media by one of my close friends, and I approached them for their service. Their representative Genevieve listened to my needs carefully and within a day had a complete SEO plan ready for my website ready to go.

I was happy with the entire SEO plan but was skeptical if it would bring any results quickly. I was surprised when I started to get more queries about my services and saw an increase in sales. Within a few weeks, I had to hire more employees to keep up with the demand. I am happily working with White Shark Media for over a year and could not have asked for a better SEO partner.

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