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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: 10 Facts

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Linking South America to Central America, Panama is the place to be for tourists. The country has some of the most attractive beaches across the globe, in a tropical climate. The country boasts of a wide range of spectacular attractions on Tumblrfor tourists from various parts of the world. The following are some of the facts about Panama that you may not be aware of.

– About a third of the Country’s income is generated by the Panama Canal – the canal has several tourist attractions on along its length, which makes tourism the main income generator along the canal.

– Panama has more bird spaces than Canada and United States – the country boasts of vast diversity of bird, animal and plant life. In this regard, the total number of bird species in the country is more, as compared to the number of bird species in Canada and USA combined.

– The El Valle de Anton, Picturesquare village occurs on a crater – this is a well renowned tourist destination in the country. The village is located on a crater that has a diameter of about six kilometers.

– The official currency in Panama is the US dollar – while the currency is not minted in the country, Panama has been using the US dollar as the official currency since 1904.

– Panama has the lowest population in the continent – the country has the least number of people in Central America, with a population of about 3.6 million.

– The country’s capital is the only one that occurs within a jungle in the world – Panama city, the capital city, is the only capital city across the globe that has a forest on its boundaries.

– Panama was initially referred to as the Republic of Gran Colombia.

– The country has the most expensive railway ever built – the Panama railway, which runs along the Panama Canal, is the most expensive railway network to be built across the world. The rail network was constructed for $8 million.

– The country has about 2,490 Kilometers of coastline

– The highest point in the country is Volcan Baru.

About Adrián José Velasquez
Sr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a household name and renowned businessman in Panama. Currently, Velasquez holds various management positions in more than five companies in the country. For instance, he is the Treasurer, Director and President for several companies in Panama.

The business executive is a Venezuela Native whose first appointment to a management position in the country was in winter, 2011. For about four years and eight months now, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has served as the President, Treasurer and Director in five of the leading businesses in the country.

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