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Impacting The World With A Philanthropic Right The Power In One Grand Impact

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The power to make a true impact resides in money. The modern world is measured by the advances of economies. These economies set the stage for values and are incrementally measured in money. The money of world nations are called currencies by the financial world. This is a world where names like George Soros are leading the planet economies.

George Soros is a world-renown investor who got his financial start in the currency trade. This is a trading market that works on the values of world money and the supported values that each nation has. Behind each economy is a group of people that bring ideas, innovation and solutions to society. The combination of these social contributions affect world value.

Impact In The Hands Of Philanthropy

Measuring the value of nations is something that George Soros was able to do without much competition in the market. He goes down in history as the single living person to have beaten an entire nation’s bank and on speculation alone. What George Soros will go down in history for is beating England’s own currency and then leaving the trade with a billion in hand.

The impact that George is now making is measured by how much success he had in the past. He’s able to leverage billions into his philanthropic legacy because of his financial prowess as a major world professional. His combination of detail, skill and focus comes from a long history of investing that shocked the world and made him rich.

Why George Soros Makes A Difference

The difference George Soros makes is beginning to take form as we see the Open Society Foundations emerging on the international scene. The agency, which was just a project behind George Soros, is now forming into a realized force in the political world. The laws we live by regarding democracy are still under a major overhaul. There’s more to discover.

The Open Society Foundations is an organization that works with the growth of democracy. The agency was formed by the help of George Soros and his ambitions to make a world impact. The philanthropy that Mr. Soros is going down in history for began with the Open Society Foundations. He leads the world now in philanthropy and will forward his legacy.

The momentum builds as final trades are made, and the world watches in wonder.

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George Soros Is Funding Rightful Progressive Protests

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George Soros has proven to be one of the finest progressives in America, and he is offering money from his own pocket to help pay for what he believes is right. He has been reported by Politico As having helped a number of people peacefully protest oppression and brutality. This article explains how George Soros is giving his money to serve the greater good in as many ways as possible.

#1: Giving To Progressive Causes

Giving to progressive causes is a major taking point for George, and he offers his money to charities and causes that he believes in most. He knows that the people who benefit from these charities are thankful, and he wants them to know that they have a backer who will support their means of protest. He runs the Open Society Foundation, and he is bringing together progressive donors to give to some of the biggest campaigns in the world. Read his profile at Business Insider.

#2: Why Does He Give Back?

George gives back to progressive causes because he knows that these charities need all the help they can get. He runs the Open Society Foundation to help people who are in oppressed areas, and he is hoping that his progressive donors will give their money to causes that will change the landscape of American politics. He did not survive the holocaust to come back to a world that is much like Nazi Germany, and he hopes that he can stop the tide from leaning in that direction.

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#3: Giving Millions To Campaigns

The campaigns that George Soros gives to will be those that hope to push liberal agendas, and he wants to be as progressive as possible with his money and time. He knows that lives will change because of the work that he has done, and he knows that he has the money to affect change over a large swath of society. There are many people who will feel a change in their lives, and they will see that he has given back to the people that need it most. He wants to see people elected who will fight for them on every level.

There are many people who have seen their lives changed by George Soros, and he is giving back to communities that are in need of assistance from his pocket. He wants to ensure that there is not a a conservative agenda that takes over the world, and he wants to see the progressive ideals that came out of his family give back to more people. Someone who has been oppressed may trust in George, and he someone who is in danger of persecution may turn to George and the many causes he has given back to. Learn more about this article at

End Citizens United Got $4 Million and Targeted a Further $35 Million for the Midterms

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End Citizens United refers to a political action committee that is fully focused on ridding off big money from the U.S. politics. It also set out to raised a huge amount of money in order to finance its noble efforts. The exercise bore fruit as it had managed to raise around $4 million during the first quarter of 2017. The PAC is also targeting to raise an additional $35 million before the Congress midterm elections slated for 2018. This amount is expected to be higher than the one the PAC used in 2016 during the election, which was $25 million. Of the 100,000 people who contributed the funds, 40,000 of them were donating for the first time ever. This was revealed by Tiffany Muller, the president and executive director at the PAC. The leaders at the group held that the PAC aimed at electing congress leaders who were reform champions in the area of campaign-finance.


Average Contribution


Tiffany Muller, added that the average contribution that the PAC got this year was $12. Ms. Muller revealed that a majority of the donors were those who felt that the system was rigged against them and only the persons with the fattest checks got their say. Tiffany added that these people fought back against the system via making the contributions. In addition, the win by President Trump against Hillary Clinton late last year made the Democrats furious and ready to fight back through such initiatives.


Congressional Campaign Donations


End Citizens United had earlier on encouraged its members and friends to contribute $500,000, which was to be used in the campaigns of Democrat Jon Ossoff. The Democrat was a first time candidate running for a political office and despite his young age of 30, he managed to pool $4 million to use in his campaigns for the special election that took place on April 18. The special election was necessitated by the seat falling vacant due to the exit of Tom Price, the Health and Human Services secretary. Muller stated that the PAC was still reviewing the candidates it would back in 2018. However, it confirmed that it would assist Senators John Tester (Montana) and Sherrod Brown (Ohio) in defending their seats come 2018.


About End Citizens United


In 2010, a game-changing ruling in the world of politics was delivered by The Supreme Court. The case was premised on the idea that corporations were just like people as well as the spending of huge money by wealthy people and special interest groups during the U.S. elections. In a nutshell, the group is opposed to the presence of big money spending in the U.S. elections as this allows elections to be bought. The group is wholly focused on stopping this ideal by sponsoring pro-reform candidates in their campaigns in order to ensure they are elected.




High-octane, Austin-born Lobbyist to the Rich and Powerful

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Andrea McWilliams is an Austin-based lobbyist and philanthropist. She is co-founder of the Texas-based consulting firm, McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants with her husband, Dean. For her work within the agency, McWilliams was rated by the Austin Business Journal as being the number one lobbyist in Texas during the year 2009. In addition to her work crafting policy within the legislative arena, Andrea McWilliams has also served on the boards of over 10 non-profit organizations including, Texas Lyceum, Mexi–Arte Museum, Arthouse, Rise Across Texas Challenge, the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Austin Children in Crisis, Pioneer Farms, and many others. McWilliams is a native-Austinite, having been raised only a short distance from the Texas Capitol. Her father’s restaurant businesses, a hamburger place on Congress Avenue and later a cafeteria near the Texas Workforce Commission, always kept her in proximity with the political culture of Austin. She began working as a junior staffer at the Austin Capitol at the age of twenty and was subsequently granted the title of Chief of Staff the following year. Her political dexterity has been reported on by CNN, NPR, USA Today, and the BBC. In addition to her role as an influential lobbyist, Andrea McWilliams has wielded her authority in the sphere of public fundraising. Rooted in her own battle with cancer, Andrea McWilliams has helped to raise millions of dollars to aid cancer prevention within central Texas. During 2014, Austin’s Seton Breast Cancer Center named their screening room after McWilliams. During her career, Andrea has received the 2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist designation, the “Austin Under 40” Award, and has been featured in the Austin American-Statesman as a part of the “Glossy 8” list. Andrea McWilliams currently resides in the historic Enfield district of Austin with her husband and three children.


Betsy Devos showed her Dislike for President Trump’s Reversal of the Transgender Bathroom Issue

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Betsy Devos is America’s Education Secretary for the Trump Administration. She has recently showed her dislike for the President’s reversal of federal regulations concerning transgender bathroom use. On February 23, 2017; President Trump passed legislation that did away with the Obama’s Administration guidelines for allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their identifiable gender.

Many people came out to oppose Trump’s decision. Betsy Devos is one of those persons. Devos reasons for opposing trump had to do with her attitude towards transgender people. The Republican Education Secretary does not want to see more transgender people suffer because of their lifestyle choices. The reversal of Obama’s legislation upset millions of people around the country because they honestly believe this is a setback regarding this issue.

Devos showed firm opposition to Trump’s decision. Even though the president chose Devos to serve as the Secretary of Education for his administration; she did not agree with his stance. As a matter of fact, Devos was asked to resign if she did not stop opposing the president. Ultimately, the Education Secretary realized that it would be in her best interest to go along with Trump’s decision.

Betsy Devos is a business woman and a philanthropist. Her husband and she were the leading investors for Neurocore. This is a neurocognitive redevelopment group. She is involved within many leading philanthropic causes and they include The Prince Foundation, Acton Institute, the Kennedy Center and the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which is a foundation designed to help families and society within key areas of society.

Devos is a busy woman and her position at the White House is keeping her schedule extremely full. Trump’s decision about the transgender bathroom issue also impacts Devos’s job. Since the transgender bathroom issue is primarily directed toward people within the education field; Devos is paying very close attention to it.

She does not want the transgender population to feel like they have been let down. The secretary’s hands are tied and their is very little she can do if she wants to remain in her position.

Under the Obama Administration, many schools around the U.S. had to allow transgender students to use the bathroom corresponding with their gender choice based off of nondiscrimination laws. These laws were formed as a part of the Civil Rights that people enjoy within the U.S.

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The Trump Administration stated that these laws were not devised with the primary role that states and local school districts input. Attorney General Jeff Sessions wanted to move swiftly to end this legislation because he knew that if he didn’t; the U.S. court system could have delayed this process by years.

Sessions has been a staunch critic of lesbian, gay and transgender rights. Devos has been more a liberal supporter these groups. Sessions and Devos even butted head over this decision. Once again, Devos had no choice but to relent her position on the matter or suffer the consequences. Right now, Trump’s actions is causing protest and reaction among many American organizations, groups and people all over the U.S.

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George Soros Calls Donald Trump A Potential Dictator

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The U.S. public has had the wool pulled over their eyes by a conman and potential dictator in the shape of President Donald Trump, according to hedge fund billionaire George Soros. Global democracy faces its biggest crisis of recent memory explains the founder of the Open Society Foundations as the promotion of democracy across the planet will be slowed y a Trump Presidency that Soros believes will continue with increasingly divisive social policies that will be used at every opportunity to increase the power of the President and his Administration; George Soros hopes the U.S. government system of checks and balances will be powerful enough to halt the march of right wing politics in the country that has spent much of its history as the most powerful in the world.

Upon winning the Presidential election in November 2016, Donald Trump was ill prepared for the position he was about to undertake as he had initially been involved in building his own brand over actually achieving an election victory on Soros believes the appointments being made by Donald Trump as his major advisors and cabinet picks are designed to bring disorder to the U.S. and cause major problems for minority groups who will continue to be targeted by an increasingly right wing Administration. Examining the picks made by the incoming President for major positions in the democratic government of the U.S. Soros sees right wing extremists and retired generals in an assembled cabinet on Forbes that is more closely related to that of Russia than its traditional European allies of the U.K. and France.

Minority groups and those who are struggling to have their voices heard in the world have always had their cause taken up by George Soros, who is himself a World War II Holocaust survivor and former refugee. The Hungarian born Soros has been a major supporter of those seeking to gain independence from restrictive regimes, such as the “Solidarity” movement of Poland during the 1970s and 80s, and formed George Soros’ own Open Society Foundations in a bid to help provide an education for young black men at South Africa’s Cape Town University during the Apartheid regime.

In terms of the coming years, Soros believes the eradication of democratic norms in the U.S. will be sped up by Trump claiming his links to dictators and restrictive regimes is based upon his own need to conduct deals that will benefit the U.S. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland George Soros confirmed his belief the Trump Presidency on Business Insider is destined to fail as no would be dictator has taken on such a powerful government as that now seen in the U.S. as institutions within the country will block his attempts to seize any further levels of power.