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Why The Wisdom Of Kaballah Is For Everyone Today

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Madonna’s enthusiasm for studying Kaballah is contagious, with some celebrities finding Jewish mysticism helps them cope with the demands of Hollywood, while others saw a trend and attended the Kaballah Centre in Los Angeles once or twice before moving on to the latest fad. Since Kaballah stresses the need to help others, and wealthy celebrities, who have a sizable audience, are in the ideal position to do good in the world. Madonna was able to open a Kaballah Centre with her wealth and Elizabeth Taylor was able to offer herself in exchange for hostages by using her fame. Click Here for Kabbalah Centre news.

If the Berg’s had not opened Kaballah Centres, Hollywood’s female, non-Jewish celebrities would not be studying Kaballah. Orthodox rabbis taught Kaballah to men over the age of 40 who were scholars; women and gentiles could not hear Kaballah’s secrets. While Hollywood’s elite attends the L.A. Kaballah Centre headquarters, the nonprofit organization has centres in major cities worldwide. Philip and Karen Berg operated the Kaballah Centre in L.A. before Madonna walked through their doors; the vast majority of the individuals that attend Kaballah Centres are everyday people who are seeking answers. Kabbalah at LinkedIn .

The Kaballah Centre teaches non-Jews since they do not require students to understand Hebrew or be familiar with the Torah; they are seeking a universal audience. Philip Berg wanted to make Kaballah’s wisdom accessible to everyone, instead of keeping it a closely guarded secret. At the Kaballah Centre, people hear about the light and spirituality, which attracts individuals who are not looking for a formal religion as well. for more .

Ancient Teachings- Kabbalah

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Some Hollywood celebrities followed in the footsteps of the famous artist, Madonna. Madonna interest in the Jewish tradition teachings did not only end in learning the religion but went to the extent of establishing not more than one Kabbalah Center and also investing her time and resources in the centers. Other Hollywood stars who followed her include Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, the late Elizabeth Tailor and Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, and Sandra Bernhard.

So many Hollywood artists are converting to Judaism, and others are getting so involved in its teaching, something that has left people to wonder why. The Los Angeles Times interviewed some of the celebrities and noticed every one of them had their reason. Sandra Bernhard said the Kabbalah teachings helps her deal with at list 80% of his life issues. Paris Hilton was interviewed by Great Britain More Magazine, and she said that after her breakup with Nick Carter Kabbalah helped her to cope with the post break up stress. But it is not the case with all celebrities. Time Magazine interviewed Sammy Davis, and according to him, he did not join Kabbalah because of stress or other personal issues. Instead, he wanted to become part of one of the oldest history in the world and hold something that will offer him inner strength and learn more about Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Center history began back in 1922. It was established by Rav Yehuda Ashlag .Rav’s aim was to safeguard the Kabbalah teachings and makes it accessible to the world and the coming generation. Before his death, Rav handed over the Kabbalah Center responsibility to Rav Berg. Later the non-profit organization was established in the United States in 1965 with its Headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The Kabbalah center majors its teachings on God’s instructions including God’s design for the seen and the unseen universe. Kabbalah teachings can well be described as deep Jewish wisdom.

The Kabbalah Center has devoted teachers who have knowledge of the Jewish teachings. Since its foundation, the center has been expanding delivering its education in other centers as well as offering online teachings all over the world. The Kabbalah Center focuses its teaching on how one can have a fulfilling life regardless of one’s background and religion and read full article.

Which is the Origin of Kabbalah?

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There may be no one knowing the source of Kabbalah. It is of the ancient times, and it got lost in time, mythology and space. It is just like other marvels that exist in the world today such as Tarot and chess. Those who are experienced Kabbalists have a belief that the basics of the spiritual system initially began on the banks of Nile River in Egypt and that happened in the past. It is said that Moses is the one who was responsible for the transformation of the wisdom and knowledge in Exodus. He did this so that he can build a society that was modern and enlightened.

Afterward, the Jewish throughout the centuries continued to practice Kabbalah. It was practiced as a branch of Judaism. The aim was to get the questions that were not addressed by Torah regulations and practices answered. At the time, there was orthodox that was deeply rooted in the society, and they would accuse the Kabbalists false thoroughly. That explains why the Kabbalist did their training in secret and later would present their teachings in the form of esoteric Bible interpretations. As you may know from history, there are spiritual and esoteric sects that have always been hunted by the mainstream religions. Such include Muslims and some Christians.

There is the traditional creation story of Kabbalah. The story relates to Adam and says that he received Kabbalah wisdom after he fell from Eden. He received the manual that explained to him how to be able to go back to heaven, and that is the Kabbalah. Afterward, Adam passed the knowledge and wisdom to his sons, and it continued to be passed from generation to generations. Finally, the understanding reached Adam, and some Kabbalists have a belief that Abraham was the one responsible for writing the first Kabbalist book which is called Safer Yetzirah or the formation book.It is believed that Moses later received the Kabbalah on Mount Sinai. It is believed he receive directly from God. There was then oral transmission from one generation to other thanks to the brilliant leaders who could not be deterred by the community who had negative thoughts about them.