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How Gregory Aziz Steers the National Steel Car

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Gregory James Aziz is one of Canada’s most successful cooperate executives. He was born in Ontario back in the year 1949 and was schooled in the same Canadian province. He went to Ridley College before embarking on rigorous studies in economics at the University of Western Ontario. He must have had excellent tutors in the human resource minors that are constituent of the economics major. If not, he must have gone to greater lengths than other students to learn one or two extra things about sporting and managing talent in any field of commerce or production that he would later come to manage or direct.

Greg, as his peers and colleagues fondly refer the iconic industrialist, joined the food wholesale business after schooling. His family must have been extremely proud of him when he began making changes to the family-based business which flourished during the entire 16 years he played an integral part in organizing the operations of the wholesale business. He made an impact in the business and led it to grow from a local food wholesale enterprise to a regional supplier of fresh foods which it imported from Europe, and Southern and Central America.

Greg James Aziz invested part of the profits that the business made supplying the United States and Eastern Canada with fresh food in several banking opportunities. The sufficiently endowed economic mind was successful and he used the investment returns to acquire the National Steel car from Dofasco. He made the purchase in the year 1994 when the company could only manage to manufacture 3,500 units in a year. In only five years, James Aziz grew National Steel Car to a manufacturing capacity of 12,000 units.

As the Chief Executive Office, Chairperson and President of National Steel Car, Greg Aziz has always laid emphasis on three guiding principles for the regional leader in innovative engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. He believes that all the working fraternity at the company is critical for the company’s continued manufacturing and engineering excellence. He believes in cultivating his human resources who make the most out of the capital available to National Steel Car.

The company has an unwavering commitment to always over perform its clientele’s expectations. The President emphasizes in the aggressive expansion of its market niche to do better than it already is as a regional and global leader in the design and production of railroad freight cars. He attributes his desire to further expand the company to his desire to create more and more jobs for his ever growing personnel. He believes that of all the charitable causes the company sponsors, the best way it gives back to the community of Ontario is through the 3,000 jobs it has created for the community.