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OneLogin security measures for manufacturing companies

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Companies are always looking to improve, and contemporary manufacturing organizations are no different. They are currently seeking to use cloud technologies for enabling themselves for success.

While many manufacturers are still using the on-site identity management systems, it is an outdated program that worked well 20 years ago but causes obstacles today. OneLogin, an access and identity management company, has a customer, Airbus, who works with 7,700 vendors in their supply chain, but even with companies who have comparatively lower numbers, the on-site interactions can be a very slow process, which in turn lowers productivity.

Security is a highly important factor for manufacturers since they handle sensitive data such as business plans, NPI documentation, schematics, partner agreements, blueprints, and more. The 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report also said that manufacturers face more phishing attacks than any other industry, hence the intense need for safety.

Manufacturers can face financial pressure to lower costs as well, but with IT techs constantly at work and end-users forgetting their passwords, things don’t always go as smoothly as possible. OneLogin’s Single Sign-On Portal remedies that by localizing the employees apps into a specific location so they can be accessed with one, secure password, instead of many. This saves IT time, and improves company productivity.

OneLogin also has it covered when an employee uses a personal device to connect to the corporate data while outside the firewall. The OneLogin Adaptive Authentication utilizes machine learning to scan many different factors in the occasions of an employee logging onto their apps. It hones in on the geographical location, time of day, and familiarity within the network to make sure there are no abnormalities or foreign sign-ons. An example would be if an employees app that is usually accessed with an iPhone in America was suddenly logged into by an Android in Europe, the Adaptive Authentication will note suspicion activity and the security will be team alerted.