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Contribution of Drew Madden In Incorporating Healthcare with Information Technology

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Drew Madden is an entrepreneur who is an expert in health and information technology. Because of his expertise in health, he has since collaborated with Nordic Consulting Partners. Drew Madden studied industrial engineering at the University of Lowa. Drew Madden has various experience including managing, Advising Electronic Management projects, implementation and project management. He uses these skills to promote many sectors of health care.

He collaborated with Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010. Nordic Consulting Partners is the most significant and internationally epic consulting firm that has developed over the past years and incorporate health using electronic health records. From 2011 to 2016, Drew Madden was the president of this company. With his hard work and aggressiveness, Nordic got awards from KLAS due to excellent work in consulting. From 2012 until 2014, Nordic was named the best epic company in implementation services.

Under the reign of Drew Madden in Nordic, employees were increased from 10 to 725. The client partners in the company also increased from 3 to 150 within a short period. Furthermore, annual revenue growth rises from $1 000 0000 to $130 000 000. Before joining Nordic Consulting Partners, he worked at Midwest Sales Director and was responsible for client development and consulting services in Epic Systems Corporation. Epic System Corporation is a firm that mainly deals with health and incorporation of various health software. More than 55% of all the citizens of the United States of America use this type of health software. It is usually referred to as United Stated Healthcare`s Subsidiary.

In July 2017, Drew Madden decided to join Evergreen Healthcare Partners. This firm offers healthcare information technology consultation services across the United States. Evergreen Healthcare Partners has four main partners including Drew Madden himself. Rebeca Bortoff is the Managing Director partner in the firm and is responsible for an operational architect. Aaron Friedman is responsible for talent management and directing solutions. Jeff Leach is also the managing partner and has experience in health systems.