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“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Is a Satire of America

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A satire is supposed to be a little crazy. It is highly metaphorical in that many aspects of the story have a deeper meaning, one that usually focuses on current events. In some cases such references have to be decoded, it is not obvious to the reader at first, and in other cases they are simply put and very forward. Sean Penn decided to go with forward in his new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“, which is apparently a satire.


The book certainly contains the absurdity of a satire, and definitely has the rich and colorful character of a satire. But as Bob Honey has a semblance of a plot it is hard to distinguish story for ranting in certain parts. Penn writes in a chaotic form of prose, that is very stylistic and different, but also kind of confusing. It is definitely an interesting read with many golden little nuggets to discover. Not nuggets of truth mind you, though it certainly has plenty of those, but nuggets of pleasurable passages that are fun to read.

The book is centered on titular character Bob Honey who works as an assassin for the government. He is tasked with killing old people to make the environment better with less the population. Before his assassin career Bob was a septic tank salesmen and holds a slew of other jobs as well. The narrative form is episodic as it follows his crazy exploits, and focuses on his efforts to connect with other people.


It is almost as though Penn is saying a unique personality can no longer fit in with the conformity of political correctness. The book definitely has a lot to say, especially about president Trump, who makes an appearance as Mr. Landlord. In fact Honey fires off a blistering letter to this character/real person at the end of the book. The letter is scathing, but so is the poem that follows it.


What has got many critics talking is the epilogue poem Penn writes after the end of his book. The poem scathes many current events, not even disguising them with a satirist pseudonym. It attacks the media, focus on current events like school shootings, and scathes #MeToo. This is something many have taken exceptions to, though Penn is unapologetic. According to Penn the book makes a moral statement, and is left up to the reader’s interpretation. Like any good satire is supposed to be.

PSI Pay Versus Other Types of Cryptocurrencies

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Let’s talk global payment systems, such as PSI-Pay, since the inception of Bitcoin there’s has been an incessant demand for convenient and secure alternatives to traditional banking. The interest in cryptocurrency and other electronic payment systems is currently enjoying a surge in popularity. This is due to a rise in media attention. It seems that the media loves to cover cryptocurrencies; which has helped change the way digital wallets, ecoins and virtual money are regarded.


Comparing Electronic Money and Bitcoins


When a performing currency is overused, people will seek other ways to pay for goods and services. Cash money and credit cards have been used to the point of redundancy. Bitcoins entered the market in 2009. The emergence of this type of virtual currency hasn’t been without its share of bumps. There have been rapid increases and dramatic declines in Bitcoins core value as a traded commodity. However, this hasn’t dampered the interest in digital currency as the wave of the future. If anything Bitcoin has allowed for further development of e-money. E-money is the monetary equivalent of cash. It can be substituted for cash, anywhere payment is sought. However, unlike cash transactions, the receipt is stored, rather than dispensed at checkout.


There are various differences between Bitcoin transactions and electronic currency (e-money). E money is regulated, much like the Federal Reserve does the dollar. A central bank handles and processes the flow of transactions through customer accounts. With Bitcoins, customers must fund their accounts with linked credit cards or a traditional bank account. E-money accounts allows users to pay for online purchases through a downloaded application (app). Cash never changes hand and the flow never stops moving.


Bitcoin on the other hand, relies on a network of users, referred to as peers. This integrated system of peer-to-peer transactions doesn’t have a regulating authority. Because the money isn’t guaranteed or backed by cash reserves, the value of Bitcoin goes in up and down cycles, in response to user demand.




Keeping onto another electronic currency provider, PSI Pay reported a record year in 2015. PSI Pay is regulated by Fin Tech. Fin Tech is a UK governing body, which insures the cash value of PSI transactions. In 2015, PSI Pay increased volume in the major categories of business growth and income revenue. This announcement came after the company also recorded phenomenal expansion for calendar year, 2014.

Why the Talk Fusion App Improves Building Relationships

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Talk Fusion is a popular company, and putting out a popular app is getting them even more press. This has been a popular tool since 2007 when the company was started. Businesses are now able to easily communicate with their customers within minutes, using the video chat app, the new app that is causing all the talk about Talk Fusion. Regardless of their other tools, this app has now raised the bar with personalizing communication efforts with your customers. Talk Fusion is now in more than 140 countries, and the features of this app can help any business, in any part of the world to become successful.


The app, “On the Go”, is heating up activity for business owners. The download is currently available through Google Play and iTunes, but potentially other platforms will have it as well. Those who use Android devices or Apple products may obtain the app, as long as their operating system is 4.4.3. or something newer. Video email is the one avenue by which the company was founded in 2007, and it remains the top product today. The app was designed for two reasons primarily including, monitoring the activity and results of marketing campaigns, as well as for them to communicate on a more personal level with their clients.


Video has always been one of the best marketing tools, but the ability to send video through email is winning the battle in obtaining customers. The more you can engage with your customers the more likely you are to become profitable. This translate into click-throughs when you are talking about marketing online. All videos can be sent directly through the app within seconds, making it quick and easy to communicate. You may also use the app to record videos and do live presentations as well.


You may upload an older video, and you can even choose from multiple templates to frame your video to give it a professional look. There are numerous features that make this app even more attractive, including the ability to add or change display names for the sake of users. It’s clear that Talk Fusion thought of everything when the app was in the developing stages, and CEO Bob Reina couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.


One of the best things about Talk Fusion is that it can certainly improve business, but for those who just like to communicate easier with their friends and family members, they’ll enjoy using it as well. Learn more:

SoftBank Group Corp Acquires Fortress Investments Group at 3.3 Billion

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SoftBank Group Corp., SBG is now the sole owners of Fortress Investment Group LLC. The company spent close to $3.3 billion in full payment for their purchases in cash. SoftBank Group Corp. is now entirely in charge of all the shares of Fortress inclusive of all their different headquarters. Before the acquisition, the two companies had drafted various agreements about the transactions and different conditions that they buyers had to meet. The company will even be handing over their shareholders to SoftBank Group Corp. They also presented them with all their receipts for different regulations that governed their operations.

Following the acquisition, outstanding shares that belong to Fortress Class A will now have a value of $8.08 for every stock. The new management will now continue with such similar operations according to transaction procedures written in a Definitive Proxy by Fortress. They also have the opportunity to access other documents such as Merger Agreements.

The common stocks that Fortress offers to the general public will soon exit the list of the New York Stock Exchange. Additionally, the acquisition will lead to the transfer of financial results from Fortress Investment Group to SoftBank Group. These financial statements will now reflect in the business performance of the new management.

However, Fortress Investment Group will continue with its other operations as an independent subsidiary of SoftBank. The company will put up their head offices in New York. The corporate leaders at Fortress such as Randy Nardone, Wes Edens and Pete Briger will continue to steer the branch in their standard positions of leadership. The reason why SoftBank resolved to this strategy is that they want to keep building the business models, business culture, excellent leadership and even their brands instead of eroding the foundation of Fortress.

The SoftBank Group will continue to provide Information Revolution with heightened technology to their clients across the globe. The company also has branches which specialise in offering telecommunications, intelligent robotics, internet services, Internet of Things, clean energy technology needs and much more. The firm also has an affiliate, the SoftBank Vision Fund. With this, they get to fuel investments all over the world for various businesses and technological ventures. Their first trial had a capital commitment of more than USD 93 billion.

Similarly, SoftBank will keep thriving in global investments just like Fortress Investment Group LLC. Fortress left a record of $36.1 billion as the total value of their assets hence making them the best company in the industry. The company has a notable performance in managing investments in real estate, private and public capital equities and much more. Some of the staff in their leadership team includes Peter Lionel Briger Jr who serves with Wesley R Edens as the Chairmen, Randal Alan Nardone who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. David Nichols Brooks as the Secretary, Vice President and General Counsel of the firm, The treasurer, Daniel Neal Bass and Gordon E Runte as the Managing Director and the other leaders are confident that SoftBank will carry on with their excellent work.  Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

The Life of a Stage Manager Featuring Clayton Hutson

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When most people think of the music industry, they have thoughts about famous musicians, popular bands, dynamic music videos and lots of fame. However, there is another side to the music industry that a lot of people do not see. That is the technical and business aspect of this business.


Most people will never become a music star or have a career like the top musicians of today. Since this is the case, some people have figured out that they can be a part of the music industry by working behind the scenes. A respected music industry stage manager named Clayton Hutson is living out this reality as a professional stage manager.


Clayton Hutson is a stage manager that offers his services to musicians and event organizers. He has been in the business for many years and has worked with the some of the biggest names in the industry. Hutson not only provides his services to famous entertainers he also markets his company to regional and local talents.


As a stage manager Hutson sets up music concerts for his clients. He also decorates venues and develops new audio and visual technologies for clients. Hutson states that he takes a realistic approach to his work. Hutson has to ensure that he is not taking any type of actions that will harm his reputation as a stage manager. If he makes one bad call or does something wrong, he could completely ruin his reputation. This in turn would limit his ability with getting more work. Hutson’s work is very dependent on his ability to consistently deliver high quality sound and visuals for his clients. Learn more:


Clayton Hutson knows how important it is to an artist’s success to have a good concert turnout. Most musicians get their money from concerts. So, they have to make sure that their concerts are going smoothly and that they are producing high quality live shows. Stage Mangers like Clayton Hutson is essential to this process. Without them, a musician would have an extremely difficult time performing for fans in a live venue. You can find out more about Clayton Hutson and his important work as a stage manager from his interview with


TMS Health Solutions – Addressing Mental Health Issues with Compassion

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Living with depression is a sad reality for many people all over the world. TMS Health Solutions provides help to affected individuals through psychiatric treatment and therapy. TMS Health Solutions is composed of a highly-qualified team of psychiatrists.

TMS Health Solutions is the vision of Richard Bermudes. He also functions as the Chief Medical Officer of this medical center. He created this psychiatry treatment center in 2007 with the aim of treating patients in clinical settings. The institution remains updated with newer treatment innovations and offers the best possible therapy for its patients. This group also prioritizes academic research and conducts education initiatives about depression for the community. Brad Hummel, a leader in health supervision for over two decades, occupies the position of Chief Executive Officer at TMS Health Solutions.

The primary focus of TMS health Solutions pivots around depression that is refractory to drugs or medicines. They offer Transcranial Magnetic Solutions (TMS) therapy towards this purpose. This involves carefully positioning magnets on different locations of the brain to activate these areas. This helps in depression and other psychiatric conditions such as bipolar disorders. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the treatment. The advantages of TMS treatment is that it does not involve medicines with potential side effects and is a nonsurgical option as well.

Apart from TMS therapy, TMS Health Solutions provides a wide array of solutions to psychiatric illnesses especially depression. These include psychotherapy or counseling, drug treatment or pharmaceutical approach to treatment and electroconvulsive therapy which involves giving controlled seizures to the neural components.

TMS Health Solutions has branches in the Sacramento and at TMS therapy Union Square, San Francisco. The TMS Health Solution has centers in Roseville, Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Oakland, Burlingame and San Francisco. The institute aims to expand to a further 25 locations all over the country. Treatment at TMS Health Solutions is covered by insurance, which makes it cost-effective for patients. Their therapy includes coverage by large firms such as Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California and others. TMS therapy UnionSquare, SF is conveniently placed adjacent to the University of California San Francisco’s psychiatric treatment center and serves as a hub for clinical management of patients.

TMS Health Solutions is making a difference to the lives of those affected by mental diseases and disorders. Mental illness takes a considerable toll on the lives of sufferers, and a little help goes a long way in transformation and rehabilitation of patients lives.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Tips on Preventing Issues

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Cancer is a major issue in our society. After heart disease, it is the most prevalent cause of death in the United States. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a great company to work with if you have a bad diagnosis. Over the years, this company has perfected the way in which we can fight this terrible disease. They also have a lot of tips for people who want to prevent getting this disease in the first place.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a company that has been in business many years. During this time, the company has served the local community greatly. Anyone who wants to improve their odds of survival should listen to this company.

Staff Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a company. The staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America is some of the best in the entire industry. Looking at reviews of the company, it is clear that the staff truly cares about the work that they do.

Unlike many medical companies, clients will not feel like just a number. Instead, each client is treated as a unique person with dreams and goals for the future. Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Instead, it is a great opportunity to take back control of your health.

Health Tips

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a lot of health tips for people who want to prevent disease in their body. Over the years, the company has produced a lot of online content on the subject.

Having a regular exercise regimen has been proven to reduce the risk of disease in patients. Anyone who wants to decrease their odds of getting cancer should exercise and eat healthy food. Just doing these two things will drastically reduce the odds of getting cancer according to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Honey Birdette E-Commerce and Expansion Plans in the UK

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Honey Birdette is an Australian lingerie brand that was first established by Eloise Monaghan. Eloise is a reputable entrepreneur who originates in Brisbane.

Recently, the company launched a dedicated e-commerce platform in the United States. Honey Birdette also revealed its plans for exploring the United Kingdom market. The firm runs three outlets in the UK and is now set to open other 37 new stores by the year ending 2018.

The e-commerce is also expected to expand the sales volume by promoting faster deliveries and reach to a wider market. The platform will also further the tremendous growth rate attained by expanding the range of products that are available for the customers based in the United States. The firm is objectively targeting the United States retail market with a minimum of $50 order capacity.

For the record, Honey Birdette opened its first remote store in Covent Garden, London. This achievement was later prompted by two other retail outlets in Westfield White City and Victoria Gate in Leeds.

Honey Birdette is keenly focused on providing quality luxurious bedroom accessories. Honey Birdette lingerie also offers its clients an array of bedroom toys for pleasure parlor. Other products sold at this luxurious e-commerce lingerie include knickers and lingerie sets. This company now aims to open more outlets in the United Kingdom.

The primary goal of establishing this lingerie outlet was to bring about a new form of sensuality in the bedrooms. For this reason, Eloise Monaghan started with a stall in Brisbane in 2006. The company later realized a tremendous annual growth of over 374% in its online sales. It is after this achievement that Eloise set to launch a new site in the United States. The site was particularly developed to aid in the process of service delivery. Eventually, the lingerie started realizing faster deliveries and managed to open more retails outlets across the United States and the United Kingdom.

The minimum prices of premium labels are 35 Euros and 60 Euros for briefs and bras. The brand is directly sponsored by BBRC, a private investment company.

Check out Honey Birdette on Instagram @honeybirdette

The Growth and Success of Honey Birdette

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Honey Birdette, an Australian based lingerie boutique has seen dazzling success on their online stores in both the U.K. and Australia. Moreover, the boutique is expanding and growing even further. In the past one year alone, Honey Birdette enjoyed a 374 percent hike in sales from purchases based in the United States only. This tremendous growth has propagated the boutique’s founder, Eloise Monaghan to consider opening up a specially designed U.S e-commerce site to enhance the purchases as well as returning of the products overseas.

The new website features free shipping for orders exceeding the value of $50 as well as faster shipping times. The United States market is also set to hold many brick and mortar stores for the boutique, and the number of stores available in the United Kingdom is expected to increase drastically from the current three store to an ambitious 40. Currently, Monaghan is focusing on opening ten physical stores for the U.K. market and evaluate their performance.

Honey Birdette is a popular luxury lingerie boutique, which missions to provide provocative and sensual undergarments for women as well as a multitude of bedroom accessories for both females and males. The enterprise was instituted in 2006 and was founded as a way of providing flirtatious additions into the Australian bedroom. From elegant satin to lace and leather, the selection at the Honey Birdette boutique is sure to bring unprecedented satisfaction to every woman’s needs and wants. Moreover, the prices of their articles are incredibly affordable, not forgetting their impeccable quality.

The physical stores are a remarkable sight. They are lavishly filled with black and gold color decorations, and each client enjoys a luxury treatment with champagne together with delights for all the senses. Both the physical and online stores provide a full selection of products, ranging from bedroom accessories for both her and him to lingerie. The Honey Birdette boutique offers a little bit of everything necessary to spice up the bedroom life.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Instagram @honeybirdette

Honey Birdette And Its Business Expansion

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As an Australian brand, Honey Birdette is planning to expand its UK retail portfolio by 2018. This will follow after the successful launch of the US e-commerce site. The successful launch was as a result of experiencing a rapid increase in the online sales. The US e-commerce site enhances consumer experience and faster delivery. The platform also offers free delivery for brand orders that are over $50. The e-commerce site is also targeting the retail openings of the United States of America with the ambitions of increasing store count in the UK.

In 2016, Honey Birdette opened its store in the London’s Covent Garden. This was the first store to be opened outside Australia. This was followed by other two more stores in the Westfield White City and the Vitoria Gate of Leeds. This year, Honey Birdette revealed that it has more than ten stores in the UK and it is planning to increase them to forty. The brand is also targeting other premium business location in Europe. However, in Australia, Honey Birdette has more than 50 stores. Still, the price for briefs is £35 while that for bras is £60.
About Honey Birdette
As a lingerie brand, Honey Birdette was started in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan. The idea came up when Eloise was taking a glass of champagne with a friend. The two understand that sometimes people are tired of finding something proactive when it comes to bedroom matters. Therefore, they thought of luxury bedroom accessories that can add some sense of sensuality into bedrooms. In that case, Honey Birdette can guide you through anything that is related to pleasure and bedroom matters. The brand offers products such as high-end toys and detailed lingerie.
Furthermore, the boutiques of Honey Birdette are playful, unapologetically sensual, and flirty. The boutiques also serve guests with special champagne and lush décor. The brand illustrates that where there is Pleasure Parlour lies pretty and naughty things as well.