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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launches Innovation in Cancer Treatment Procedure

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It was reported by PR NewsWire last Feb 27, 2017, that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America® is now implementing a new and customized form of technical solution for cancer treatment. For the first time, it will give access to eviti®, a solution provider for clinical decision assistance, to the various clinical workflows available in Allscripts Sunrise’ ominous amount of electronic health record (EHR). This project called Clinical Pathways is in collaboration with the experts working for NantHealth and Allscripts and will pave the way for an efficient, seamless integration of all the best available clinical decision assistance in medicine.

With this clinical pathways program, the cancer treatment process will even go more efficiently and will provide more free time to the clinicians undergoing the procedures. The clinical operating system of the pathway program called NantOS will allow oncologists from different parts of the nation to have access to the hundreds of data of various and evolving relevant data on cancer treatment

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America®
Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc. is a national network of multiple hospitals whose headquarters is in Boca Raton, Fla., and whose sole mission is to gather the efforts of the five hospitals included in the network to provide the best care and research for the fight against cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America® is always passionate about offering the most integrated, advanced and organized tech involved in genomic testing and comprehensive and precise cancer treatment. It is also the vision of the organization to provide the best surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and other relevant cancer therapy for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been serving patients all over the world, and it now has hospitals near Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Tulsa, and Philadelphia. With the group’s rating of being able to provide the highest form of care for patients, many people and families acquire the help of the network to obtain the best cancer treatment options available today. For more information about Cancer Treatment Centers of America, you may visit

Honey Birdette Ad Causes a Stir

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Ads are very important for companies that want to advertise their products and services. However, if they are not used in the right way, they can bring more harm than good. Honey Birdette, a popular lingerie company has been in the limelight for the wrong reasons. The company has set up a raunchy ad that is leaving very little for the imagination. The ad has been causing a lot of stir in the country. Most of the people are against the idea.

Honey Birdette has been in the market for a long time, and it has attracted so many investors and customers from all over the world. The company has expanded to different countries and continents, and it customers seems to love the products from the institution. The marketing from the company has been effective over the years.

Just recently, the lingerie brand decided to post two posters in some of the store’s windows. The posters feature a woman who is in a new set of underwear. However, one of the model’s nipples is clearly visible in the poster.

Mother Tracey Henleywho is currently fifty-four years old. Just recently, she was shopping accompanied by her daughter, Stacey Henley who is aged thirty-one years. When the two were discussing the poster, they said that the ad was perfect for advertisement, but it was going to offend many people in the country.

Stacy is soon going to get married, and she believes that the lingerie would be perfect for her wedding night. Although she would wear the product to make her husband happy, Stacy says that she wouldn’t want her picture outside the bedroom. This is a clear indication that the ad is not fit for the society in general. Most people have a similar opinion. The company has been under a lot of pressure from many customers to pull down the posters so that it doesn’t decrease its sales.

Omar Yunes Named Best Franchisee in the World

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Omar Yunes, a Mexican entrepreneur who runs Sushi Itto restaurants in his home country, was recently named the best franchisee during the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW). The glamorous award ceremony was held in Florence, Italy. Mr. Yunes won the award for the contribution that he has made towards establishing Sushi Itto among the most popular brands in the Mexican hospitality sector.

Omar is among the youngest franchisees in Sushi Itto’s history having signed up at the age of 21 years. Despite his young age, he had a clear goal in mind when he started out. He currently runs 13 franchise units located in Vera Cruz, Puebla, and Mexico City. These account for nearly ten percent of the total number of outlets that operate under the Sushi Itto brand.

Criteria for Selection

Upon receiving his award, Omar was quick to assert that he would not have won it had it not been for his employees’ input. The 13 units that he runs employs more than 400 employees. The 2015 BFW Awards were graced by representatives from more than 34 countries including Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, France, Hungary, and Portugal.

The criteria for selection was the effect that franchises have on the network rather than the brand. This included the contributions made in terms of employee motivation, knowledge, and improvements made to the original business model.

Sushi Itto’s CEO Benjamin Cancelmo asserts that the awards are a manifestation of the brand’s effort to offer excellent customer service and a unique flavor of hospitality. It similarly proves that Mexican franchises are no longer a regional affair as it used to be in the past.

Omar Yunes in Brief

Yunes is a shrewd investor with deep interests in the real estate and hospitality market. He began his entrepreneurial career at a relatively young age and therefore, had to overcome numerous challenges to get to where he is today. His name is synonymous with the success that the Mexican franchise of Sushi Itto has attained in the past few years. He also has extensive holdings in the lucrative New York property market. Omar spends his free time looking for interesting investment opportunities.

Agora Financial Reigns Supreme For Investment Literature

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Agora Financial is helping people find a better sweet spot when it comes to investing. Most investors do not know how much money it takes to build a successful portfolio. The average investor may not even have a clue as to what they want to invest in. With Agora Financial people have a better clue about what they should be putting their money into.

Investors that are not able to maximize their returns are never going to be fully sure about how much money they need to save. When people are able to tap into a financial publications source like Agora Finance they have a better clue about the money that they need to put aside. They have much better access to the market trends and the way that the market works. The only way that people can truly track their gains and losses is by paying attention to the market.

People have to be aware of the economic factors that are going to change what is happening inside of the stock market. Agora Financial has experienced consultants in place that can help anyone that maybe looking for guidance. Agoura Finance has people in places that are going to help them find those investment opportunities that are still on the ground floor. This is great for someone that is trying to invest early.

Anyone that has a strategy for wealth management will know that it is going to take a lot of creativity to diversify the portfolio. Stocks are good, but stocks are just the beginning of the investment process. Index funds and mutual funds are also valuable. People are also going to take interest in the annuities that are available for investments. Agora Financial aligns investors with the different industries that are going to thrive from year to year.

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NuoDB Develops New Cloud Technology

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One of the most useful and productive tech enhancements over the past decade has been the development of cloud-based technology. Today, millions of individual and companies are able to use cloud storage systems to manage their SQL databases. This helps to reduce the physical needs for large servers and can also make systems more accessible for people across the world. Today, one of the leading cloud service providers is

NuoDB is a company in the database industry that is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company was founded nearly 10 years ago and has quickly grown to be one of the most reputable developers of cloud technology in the industry. They have received a range of professional recognitions and have a large group of corporate clients that include Kodiak, the UAE Exchange, and Alfa Systems.

What helps to make NuoDB such a large member of the industry is the fact that they stay ahead of technology. Today, they are considered an elastic database that is available for cloud-based applications. The benefit of their system is that they database system can actually become more efficient when new databases and systems are added to the cloud. This can be very encouraging to clients that are looking to incorporate the technology.

The largest and the most powerful online activist around the world, Avaaz

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Launched in January 2007, Avaaz is a civic organization located in the United States of America. The group was formed to promote global activism on various issues that include human rights, climate change, corruption, conflict, poverty and animal rights. According to the Guardian, the organization received praises as the largest and the most powerful online activist around the world.

Two different groups founded Avaaz. The first group is known as Res Publica; it is a community of professionals in the public sector that are devoted to promoting democracy, good governance, and civic virtue. The other group is called MoveOn which is a non-profit public policy advocacy group in America.

A team of campaigners manages global campaigns undertaken by Avaaz organization. The countries they operate in is over 30 in number, including the United Kingdom, Brazil India, and Lebanon. The mode of communication between the members comprises of emails, videos as well as online public petitions.

Each member of the team give a suggestion for the campaign and supplemented by specialists who provide guidance on the way forward. The moment a given a proposal is taken up as containing potential, they carry out emails for testing to over 10,000 members of Avaaz. Once the emails get enough response, they run the campaigns through every member of Avaaz.

The mission of Avaaz is to close the gap that exists in between the world we have and the world which the majority of people want everywhere. As a matter of fact, Avaaz claims to bring together practical idealists from around the world.

Practically, Avaaz mostly sustains causes that are considered progressive. For example calling for global action are a result of climate change, improving the support of international refugees as well as challenging Monsanto. Also, Avaaz helped the development of a no-fly zone over Libya which resulted in intervention by the military.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Avaaz – A Global Voice For Change

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Have you ever felt helpless to effect our world in a positive way? Avaaz, meaning ‘voice’ translated from Persian, is an organization founded by Ricken Patel in 2007. Mr. Patel, after spending years in the field witnessing first hand how activism can help the world, decided that activists needed a platform to orchestrate movements and bring people with ideas together. He created and currently directs Avaaz – an online network where activists can become involved with global campaigns for change. Avaaz implements its goal of providing a forum for people to affect change within important sociological issues such as climate control, corruption, civil unrest, and animal rights, by utilizing the most current technology. Currently their web platform is broadcast in 15 different languages; helping to bring change to all corners of the globe by uniting practical ideologists together online.

Avaaz gives individuals the opportunity to bring important issues to the public’s attention and to gain other people’s reactions to these issues by allowing its supporters to start petitions right on their website. Avaaz currently lists its supporters at over 44 million worldwide in 194 different countries. To this date, they report an astounding 339 million actions taken by their members across the world. With these numbers, Avaaz has proven that it’s voice for change is highly influential.

Avaaz also utilizes member influence to choose which actions have the most unwavering support at any given time. Members are asked to complete polls to tally reinforcement for one movement or another. In this way, Avaaz gives much control to its millions of members across the globe. Never before have individuals with passion for issues they believe in, had such a platform to reach others with similar mindsets. Avaaz continues everyday to bring change and balance to the world riddled with injustice and nonacceptance.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter @avaaz

The Powerful Differences Avaaz Has Made Throughout The World

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There are organizations fighting to help with global issues such as human rights, animal rights, climate change, world conflicts, poverty and corruption. One of these is a civic organization based in the United States called Avaaz. They are an online network and according to the Guardian, Avaaz is the largest in the world and the most powerful. The name Avaaz is the translation of a Persian word meaning song or voice. There are many languages that have a similar form of this word and this is why it was chosen.

Res Publica is the co-founder of Avaaz and they consist of a community of professionals from the public sector. They are working on achieving their goals of the promotion of civic virtue, good governance and a deliberative democracy. The other co-founder of Avaaz is the Service Employees International Union. Avaaz does not accept donations from corporations or contributions exceeding $5,000. They are funded by their members and have currently raised in excess of $20 million.

Avaaz makes global differences with the use of campaigns. Members from more than thirty countries work together using petitions, emails, advertisements, rallies, sit-ins, telephone calls and when necessary media stunts. The chosen campaigns are decided upon by the members and this is often done with a member poll by email. Avaaz unites idealists from all over the world to try to lessen the distance between the world we are currently living in and the world most individuals want.

The causes supported by Avaaz are progressive. They call for action on serious issues including giving refugees more support, challenging Monsanto, and finding a way to deal with climate change. A good example was in 2009 during the protests in Iran due to the presidential election. Avaaz had internet proxy servers set up so protestors were able to upload videos onto the internet.

Cassio Audi Helped Influence Brazil Metal Scene

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The metal music scene in Brazil was nearly nonexistent before Viper made their appearance and worked to make things better for that music. It was something that they were not doing intentionally to make a statement but also something that they wanted to do so that they could play their metal music without any problems. Cassio Audi put the band together and made sure that they stayed together. He found the people who would work well in the band and brought them in. They all made music easily and comfortably which made it easier for each of them to have a lot of success.

Cassio Audi was the drummer for the band. He is now considered one of the most influential drummers in all of Brazil. He is among other drummers who influenced the music scene in the country and who is listed as some of the most famous. He wanted to make things better in Brazil and felt that doing it through music was one of the best ways that he could do things. He chose to do this all through metal music and to make a difference so that other people would be able to enjoy it just as much.

After getting relatively famous, Cassio Audi and Viper split up. They chose to go different ways but they all remained amicable with each other. They found that growing up and getting jobs that were stable would be more profitable than trying to continue to make music for the rest of their lives. While he had a huge influence over the metal music scene in Brazil, he had an even larger influence over the financial scene in the country when he helped to make their trades better and more successful. It was a great way for him to make a name for himself in his career.

Read more about Cassio Audi and Viper in this article.

NuoDB: Elastic Capabilities For Any Size Database

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Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey founded NuoDB in 2008. Based in Cambridge Massachusetts, NuoDB is an Operational Database Management System. NuoDB has the cutting edge technology to help any business expand their database smoothly and without malfunction.

The goal at NuoDB is to couple the newest database technology with cloud applications. NuoDB has the tech required to deliver a database that can adapt to any company’s requirements. As the clients demand access to cloud applications, NuoDB has the tech needed.

NuoDB is an SQL database designed for use with cloud applications. Because of its distributed object architecture it works seamlessly with cloud applications. When a database expands, NuoDB technology can easily scale-out the database. The system can add servers without sharding the data.

Unlike their competitors, NuoDB can add more servers instead of replacing hardware. The system follows Edgar F. Codd’s 12 rules for relational databases. The database is accessible from anywhere, it also has the elasticity required for seamless growth. The data is available non-stop.

NuoDB technology is available in several versions depending on needs. There is a free version, a professional version, and an enterprise edition. On January 31st in 2017 they expanded the community edition. This was to enable scale-out across multiple hosts.