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Bob Reina Publishes Some New Information On The Video Marketing Revolution

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Using high tech video marketing is becoming more and more important to businesses, and having the most advanced software and video production tools available is a necessity. Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion understands this and he’s returned to MarTech Advisor, a high tech business solutions magazine to contribute his knowledge in one of their columns. Reina has been a pioneer of video email marketing and large video chat software since founding Talk Fusion and his company has received several awards for their cutting edge applications. Reina has spoken about the need for companies to adapt to customer needs through using video and has helped build Talk Fusion into one of the most popular and reliable platforms on the market.


Bob Reina started in video marketing back in 2007, though the idea for Talk Fusion actually came when he was visiting a home for sale just a few years before and wanted to send videos to his friends. Partnering with a friend who was an advanced programmer, Reina had software designed that could send videos as email files and save customers costs and email space. Reina soon had a whole product suite built for his new Talk Fusion company and it requires no large bulky software to be downloaded or installed on devices. The products include a video email application with a webRTC recorder included with it, video newsletters, an online meeting and chat program and business signup forms. Talk Fusion also has 30-day product trials for all their products and the trials don’t even need a credit card to get started with.


Talk Fusion is based in multilevel marketing and allows people to join its associates program to resell its products. Associates also receive credits for referring and signing up customers for trials and referring others to the associates program. The Talk Fusion philanthropy program also allows them to purchase an account and donate it to a charity group as a gift. Rewards for associates based on their sales and referrals range from fancy watches and extra bonus checks to fancy cruises and paid vacations to glamorous resorts.