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Securus Technologies Fight Crime

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Securus Technologies is in the business of fighting crime at the beginning level. The way to really stop crime is to actually catch it before it starts.  Securus Technologies is a leader in the criminal justice technology industry that takes those steps. I know that they provide positive solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections, and monitoring a number of prison facilities across the country. It should be noted that their criminal technology tools are used to solve and prevent crimes that occur in prisons and outside of prisons and outside of prisons.

Crime Prevention

The crime solving tools that are provided by Securus Technologies are instrumental in solving a number of inmate on inmate crimes and crimes that were directed outside of the prison system. Richard A.Smith, is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. He is a man on a mission to create new criminal technology tools for the prison system that hopefully will make the prison environment safer for the staff and the prisoners.

Securus Technologies Customer Comments

Securus Technologies is creating a safer environment in prisons. People are very grateful and sending them, thank you letters for their technology that was instrumental in helping prisons across the country prevent and solve crimes. Here are a few examples.

  • Tracked Down Corrupt Staff Member Through Telephone Call Monitoring.
  • Calls Monitored To Detect Drug, Alcohol Abuse Among Inmates
  • Monitoring For Access To Cellular Devices.
  • Monitoring For Threats Against Staff and Other Prisoners.
  • Investigating Harassment Complaints By Prisoners.
  • Detecting Contraband In Prison.
  • Investigation Shooting Incident.

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas Texas. Currently, they provide services to law enforcement and correctional facilities across the country. They are a recognized leader in the criminal technology industry and always developing new technologies to make the prison environment safer.


Choosing to Utilize Securus Communication

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Being in prison can be an extremely difficult process for anyone who might be involved, especially for the family who wants to keep in touch with their loved one on a routine basis. The prison system does not make for easy communication and only allows for several phone calls for their inmates on a daily basis. This is where Securus has changed the lives of so many prison families all around the country. Securus specifically works with video messaging so that they can feel confident when it comes to getting the most out of their technology.


It is a good idea for you to consider Securus if you are having trouble keeping in touch with a loved one in prison. You will find that Securus is completely different from any other technology you have used in the past and this is exactly what you need if you are a prison family trying to keep in better touch with each other. I was personally amazed to know that security has one of variety of awards and certifications when it comes to Prison Communication services. This gives you confidence knowing that you are using a system that truly works and is as secure as it could possibly be.


You will find that using secure it is also quite easy and quick, allowing you to feel good knowing that you have chosen something that truly changes the way you keep in touch with a loved one behind bars. The service is also quite affordable for any type of prison family no matter what your budget currently looks like at the moment. I

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