Discusses the Big NCAAB Moneymakers

Teams don’t engage in the sport of college basketball just for the fun of playing. Yes, there is a lot of friendship and fun taking place on and off the courts. The main goal, however, is to win the top championships and finish the season with as many numbers in the win column as possible. And there is big money to be found in the world of NCAAB sports. Big money programs do attract the attention of gamblers and sportsbook professionals alike. At The Mirage Las Vegas, sportsbook manager Jeff Stoneback has a lot to say on the subject. The site spoke with Stoneback on a recent video.

Stoneback makes a few very clear and insightful points.

A short while ago, Duke and Kentucky were listed as 4 – 1 favorites. This has changed a bit since the end of the month of April as Duke is placed at 7 – 2. Kentucky still maintains the 4 – 1 odds.

Kansas and North Carolina are mentioned, but Wisconsin’s odds are somewhat intriguing. Originally, Wisconsin opened at 30 – 1 making it an unlikely favorite. The odds have changed quite a bit and the team is now listed as a 12 – 1 winner. Could Wisconsin find those numbers tighten even more and become more of a favorite? Anything is possible, but Wisconsin may never catch up to the level Kentucky is currently at.

Information presented on the video can prove to be very helpful to those wondering about who is favored to win. Anyone interested in placing wagers on college basketball odds is definitely going to be interested in such information. Going to the source in the form of a top sportsbook based out of a major casino in Las Vegas is definitely a good way to learn reliable, thoughtful information.

Following college basketball takes om a different dimension and perspective when looking at the teams deemed the big potential moneymakers. Check the site out for additional insightful commentary on the subject.

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