Dr. Mark McKenna – Success Through Adversity

Most people have never heard of Mark McKenna, MD or know of his successes and struggles. Mark is a medical doctor and CEO and very successful at that, but before we get started with his successes lets start at the beginning.

Growing up in Louisiana, Mark attended Tulane University Medical School. Soon after joining his father in private practice. While practicing with his father, he launched McKenna Venture Investments, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. Everything was looking up for Mark, but soon in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit. It destroyed his investments and businesses in New Orleans forcing him to start over. Were a normal person would normally be in a bit angry, Mark decided to take an active part in rebuilding New Orleans.

A few years after Katrina, Mark relocated and started ShapeMed. ShapeMed based in Atlanta is a wellness and aesthetics based medical practice and has been featured on the CBS television show entitled Doctorpreneur. Were he talks about the process of launching an innovative, nationwide, physician-partner franchise model. Eventually on 2014, Mark sold ShapeMed for an undisclosed amount to Lifetime Fitness.

Then again Mark with his entrepreneurial spirit launched another company in 2017. Now as founder and CEO of OVME a medical aesthetic company. McKenna is currently a member of Entrepreneurs Organization and hope to promote and assist the next generation of entrepreneurs. Mark with his many success had to overcome some one of the strangest of adversities still managed to be the come back kid with a string of successes.

Dr. Mark McKenna is married to Gianine McKenna and has a beautiful daughter Milana Elle. Even with his crazy schedule he still manages to find the time for his family even his four-year old Pomeranian. With such energy and drive I can only see more good things for the successful Dr. McKenna.

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