Eli Gershkovitch’s impact on Canada’s craft beer industry

The majority of Canadians are just as passionate about their beer as they are about maple syrup and socialized health care. But Canadians are picky and want only the exceptional when it comes to the popular leisure drink – and thus Canadian craft beers are prominent in bars, taverns, and restaurants, and one of the more popular craft beer brewery is Eli ‘s Canadian craft beer brewery, Steamworks Craft Beer.

Once just a dream, Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks Craft Beer came about after Eli finished law school and began practicing as an attorney. Even then Eli had a passion as well as the taste for designing his own craft beers. To be clear, a craft beer is a beer that comes from a craft beer brewery – and a craft beer brewery is one that is local, independently-owned, and independently-operated.

Eli Gershkovitch is an attorney who practices law, a CEO of a Canadian craft brewery (Steamworks), a pilot who owns two personal planes, a driver who has his pick of an impressive gaggle of vintage classics. While he practiced law he often encountered issues between clients and prohibitive liquor laws. Gershkovitch consequently began dreaming up his own locally-brewed Canadian draft beer while assisting clients to give them the best chance of room to spread their beer-selling wings.

As of 2017 Eli’s own micro-brewery, Steamworks, has enjoyed a steady stream of customers while also taking home the gold from multiple competitions and contests. Steamworks’ most recent win comes from the 2017 U.S. Beer Competition. With so much success, you’d think Eli would retire. But no – he continues to comb the world for the best-tasting craft beers and building his own Canadian craft beer empire. Head to the historic downtown district Gaston in Vancouver, Canada, in order to treat your tastebuds to the smooth, refreshing taste of Eli Gershkovitch’s personally-brewed beers.

Learn from here, https://affiliatedork.com/eli-gershkovitch-congratulates-canadian-brewers-u-s-open-beer-championship-medals.


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