Facts about Kabbalah Centre

Founded in 1922 by Rev Yehuda Ashlang, Kabbalah Centre is the world’s oldest body of spiritual wisdom. This center is a non-profit organization with its presence in more than 40 cities globally, which main aim is to help the students learn the basic principles of kabbalistic.

Kabbalah center has developed courses, classes, online lectures, publications, and audio materials that describe the origin of the creation, spiritual, and physical laws of the universe to teach the students more about the spiritual tools based on Kabbalah. These teachings also include the human existence and the journey of the soul. In this Centre, they teach Kabbalah, not as part of the academics, but as a way of helping the students to improve their way of living, in a better world, with joy and lasting fulfillment.

Kabbalah itself has many meanings depending on different people, but at the Centre, the teachers are focused on helping the students understand Kabbalah principles better. These principles taught in Kabbalah Centre, include;

  1. Sharing
  2. Awareness and balance of ego
  3. Existence of spiritual laws
  4. We are all one
  5. Leaving our comfort zone can create miracles.

The students apply these principles in the way they feel fit for them to make the best decisions that will benefit them and the world as a whole. In the Kabbalah Centre, the students are helped in their journey to live positively, spiritual growth, and development. Kabbalah Centre has a customized way of teaching the students to understand the Torah and its transition along with the emergence of other religions that are available in the world today. Anyone can study here regardless of the faith or denomination.

The center has facilitated online learning, which helps the students to learn Kabbalah, even in the regions that have no learning centers. It organizes and hosts weekly and monthly events to help their students understand more about Kabbalah in a sequential schedule. Kabbalah Centre also offers mentorship programs for new and existing students.

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