Honey Birdette Ad Causes a Stir

Ads are very important for companies that want to advertise their products and services. However, if they are not used in the right way, they can bring more harm than good. Honey Birdette, a popular lingerie company has been in the limelight for the wrong reasons. The company has set up a raunchy ad that is leaving very little for the imagination. The ad has been causing a lot of stir in the country. Most of the people are against the idea.

Honey Birdette has been in the market for a long time, and it has attracted so many investors and customers from all over the world. The company has expanded to different countries and continents, and it customers seems to love the products from the institution. The marketing from the company has been effective over the years.

Just recently, the lingerie brand decided to post two posters in some of the store’s windows. The posters feature a woman who is in a new set of underwear. However, one of the model’s nipples is clearly visible in the poster.

Mother Tracey Henleywho is currently fifty-four years old. Just recently, she was shopping accompanied by her daughter, Stacey Henley who is aged thirty-one years. When the two were discussing the poster, they said that the ad was perfect for advertisement, but it was going to offend many people in the country.

Stacy is soon going to get married, and she believes that the lingerie would be perfect for her wedding night. Although she would wear the product to make her husband happy, Stacy says that she wouldn’t want her picture outside the bedroom. This is a clear indication that the ad is not fit for the society in general. Most people have a similar opinion. The company has been under a lot of pressure from many customers to pull down the posters so that it doesn’t decrease its sales.

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