How Eric Pullier’s Book Understanding Enterprise SOA Can Reshape Businesses

The rapid advances in the field of technology often make it overwhelming for the everyday business owner to comprehend and keep up with. At the same time in order for someone to be

successful in business they must have an understanding of existing software and programs. With the gigantic amount of information available it makes it difficult to decide where to begin. What materials are best for understanding this concept? Luckily, a book written by Eric Pulier called Understanding Enterprise SOA bridges the world of technology and business.



Readers learn how to streamline business practices with the application of service-oriented architecture, or SOA, and are given the key to creating and implementing a successful operation. Pulier outlines and teaches this process using a combination of real life examples and easy to comprehend techniques.


This book is written in a clear, easy to grasp format that will guide business owners to a newer understanding of the interdependency between a successful business and stellar customer service with the use of software services. It delves into every day scenarios where diverse companies integrate the latest in SOA technology to produce impressive results.


A trailblazer in the field of informatics, Eric Pulier has created a resource that helps bridge the gap between software and business. He is the CEO of SOA Software, and has worked alongside major companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Toyota. Understanding Enterprise SOA summarizes his knowledge and experience in a manner that can easily be applied to any business.


The Internet, technological innovations, and a highly competitive business market are all factors that influence the success or failure of business. Eric Pulier’s book can be considered a groundbreaking instruction manual that will help business owners understand and master service oriented architecture.


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