How Hussain Sajwan made it

Born from a humble middle-class family in Dubai, Hussain Sajwan had a vision and determination to make it in life. His father owned a small watch shop while his mother was a hawker selling fabric to other ladies in their neighbourhood. At a tender age, Hussain Sajwan knew the value of hard work by assisting his father in their family-owned business. His father was a visionary, and as Sajwan came of age, he was taken to the University of Washington, where he studied economics and Industrial engineering.

He wanted to get a white-collar job and work on an hourly basis, and that was why he got a job at Gasco organization, an Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Affiliate.

After working for some time, he saw the need to start a catering firm. He aimed to give the best quality and experience of modern day food. Hussain Sajwan later moved to Dubai where he opened a chain of restaurants due to the booming number of the people in his country. After staying in operation for some time, he noted the need to build luxury houses, and he pursued it.

Boom! Thus the birth of DAMAC Properties in 2002. The firm is one of its kind and specializes in luxury property not only in the Middle East but also around the world. DAMAC owner has partnered with the Trump Organization in various projects. The well-known one is two Trump branded golf courses in Dubai. The state of the art golf courses is one of the properties developed by DAMAC property.

Additionally, mentioned that  the DAMAC owner attributes his success to his “go get attitude.” Ever since he was young, he had taken part in is assisting his father in running the family business. He got all the necessary skills while he was young. The DAMAC owner is considered as one of the most successful property developers in not only in the Middle East but in Europe as well. He is further looking forward to expanding globally.

Additionally, he is a family man and has four children. He gets inspiration from his children and wife.

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