How Stephen Rotella’s Mortgage Banking Expertise is Beneficial to StoneCastle Cash Management

Stephen Rotella is a mortgage-banking executive who currently serves as the CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management. The company excels in delivering insured cash solutions to institutional investors. StoneCastle also relies on its partners, Charlesbank Capital Partners and CIBC, for productivity in service delivery. As the CEO of an SEC-certified company, Rotella ensures that StoneCastle’s cash solutions are availed to RIAs, brokerages, and trusts.


Career Background


Before joining StoneCastle’s leadership team, Stephen Rotella headed Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation as the president. He was also the CEO of Chase Home Finance as well as the VP of JP Morgan Chase. At JP Morgan, he was in charge of the company’s Community Development Group. WWI Holdings Corporation also employed him as its COO for four years. His work involved overseeing the commercial, mortgage, and retail lines of business of WMM Holdings Corporation. Rotella also worked in WMI’s Home Loans Division as the acting head for four months. Chase Home Finance benefited from his mortgage banking expertise when he served as COO.


Stephen Rotella is also known for his effective leadership when Chase Manhattan Mortgage Company hired him as the executive VP of servicing. Besides the servicing department, Rotella also worked as the senior VP of Marketing, Finance, and Product Development at Chase for five years. He attributed his success at the company from the experience he got while working in systems consulting, mutual fund, and retail brokerage industries. Consumer Mortgage Coalition also recorded tremendous growth under Rotella’s leadership as the president.


Executive Board Roles


As the chairperson and Director of BalletMet, Joseph Rotella provided strategic planning insights to the Columbus-based company. Chase Manhattan Mortgage Company’s board also appointed him as the chairman of its Housing Advisory Council. The council targets underserved clients in the mortgage banking industry. Rotella also seats at Mortgage Bankers Association’s board of directors as a member. He had membership post in the Vericrest Financial advisory council and the Consumer Mortgage Coalition. Rotella’s successful mortgage banking career can be attributed to the economics degree he acquired from Stony Brook-based New York University in 1975. Later in 1978, he attended the Albany-based New York State University for an MBA in finance and information systems.


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