Hussain Sajwani, the owner of DAMAC properties, influence in the real estate industry in Dubai

Real Estate industry is one of the areas of business operations that entrepreneurs take it very risky to invest in because succeeding in it is not that easy since there are a vast number frisks involved. You find that most f the business people in the real estate industry are not able to survive in the market for many years because of the difficulties of coming up with the challenges in the market.

Well, there are a few investors who have been able to find their way out of this because of their creative minds and the ability to cope up with risks because they dare to take risks. Today he is one of the top investors in the real estate in Dubai. He is the owner of DAMAC Properties which he founded after a long experience in other industries. DAMAC Properties originated from one of his first business ventures which were a catering venture. After the development of the catering venture he was able to invest in the real estate industry and because of his consistency in hard work, commitment and dedication towards the success of his business, DAMAC Properties have become one of the largest Real Estate firms in Dubai.

Today, DAMAC properties market value has drastically risen, and the net worth of Hussain Sajwani has also rapidly been increased to the extent that he was named as the new richest billionaire in the UAE. One of the things that made the company’s value to rise to such levels is the project they opened up in partnership with Donald Trump organization for a golf club which led to the popularization of the company thus increasing its market share.

In one of his interviews, the DAMAC owner says that to him, he has just scratched the ground of what he wants to be and where his company needs to be. He says that the reason that they have been able to experience such growth is their ability to speculate what’s was going to happen in the future and make the necessary changes or adjustments. For example, Hussain Sajwani says that they were able to foresee the 2008 crisis and they were able to cope up with the crisis since they were among the few companies that did not get affected during that time of economic depression.

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