Jeff Schneider: Not Your Average Businessman

In addition to being a businessman, humanitarian, dad, and go-getter, Jeff Schneider owns a company based in Austin, Texas. He’s a zealous, friendly guy with a lust for life and who’s excited to share his personal experience with anyone who’s curious. It’s often that Jeff Schneider details a traveling experience from a business trip or family vacation. He enjoys talking about the traits of his entrepreneurial lifestyle. By sharing personal experiences, he not only motivates others, but he also inspires them to adopt healthy lifestyles and work on their personal development.

Jeff Schneider is breaking the mold as far as philanthropy goes. He understands that philanthropy doesn’t begin and end with financial support. He stresses that it’s equally important to contribute to an organization’s endeavors through volunteering. So that’s just what he is doing: focusing his time working alongside charities. Having given back for decades, Jeff is happy to participate and volunteer his time.

Jeffry Schneider’s also passionate about health in addition to philanthropy, but he has his own set of rules when it comes to his wellness. He advocates a diet focused on plants and fish, encourages waking up early for exercise, and practicing mindfulness. With Jeffry’s approaches, it’s easy to remember how much of a gift life is and to make the most of it.

Jeff treats life like the gift it is.  He strives to make the most of every single day by sticking to his well-thought-out routine. Jeffry Schneider’s daily routine starts with him waking up before his family and before sunrise, so he can hit the gym, exercise, and maintain his healthy lifestyle. If he’s in a place where he is unable to visit a gym, he goes for a jog at a nearby park. To compliment his daily workouts, Jeff Schneider loves running marathons, eating healthy a healthy diet, and practicing meditation. It’s amazing and motivating to see how much time he manages to set aside for personal health especially compared to others in his field. His commitment embodies the idea that no one is too busy to incorporate healthy choices into their lives. Instead of wasting time finding excuse why he can’t do something, Jeff simply jumps in and goes for it. As increased productivity at work, a lifetime of happiness, and longevity, are some of his personal goals, Jeff is adamant about not making excuses that support why he can’t accomplish a goal. Follow Jeffry on Twitter.


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