José Auriemo Neto huge transformation of real estate company JHSF

JHSF has since 1972 been the leader in the real estate industry in Brazil, thanks to the good management of the José Auriemo Neto. Since he joined the company in 1992, he has secured great deals for the company. One of the best and topmost achievements is securing the rights for the company to venture into shopping centers development. In 2003, JHSF started development of the biggest shopping center Santa Cruz in the country. After that, there have been many other developments established with the aim of making Brazil a top destination for prestigious brands in the world who are opening retail stores in the malls. Their partnership with these brands has seen the company join retail shopping sector. Some major brands such as Valentino have offices in the country.

JHSF has recently been expanding its operations to other countries in the world. They have developments going on in the United States and Uruguay. The company have embraced innovation and has been its key driving force in ensuring that they remain top of other companies in the country. JHSF mainly deals with development and management of high-end properties that include hotel and restaurants, executive airports and shopping centers. Their main clientele target is the high-income earners in the society.

José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto joined JHSF in 1992. In 1997, he established the first parking lot management company. The company was known as Parkbem. The company showed great success and was the reason he was appointed the CEO of JHSF as it showed brilliant innovation and his dedication to the success of the project was awesome. José Auriemo Neto took over the leadership of the company from his father, who was one of the founders of the real estate company in 1972. José Auriemo Neto was the CEO of one of its subsidiaries JHSF Partcipacoes, SA.

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