Michael Hartweg Gives Up Leonteq To Join Mike Baur

Leonteq is a derivatives specialist that has been losing a surprising number of people in the last few years. One of its most recent dropouts was Michael Hartweg, a huge name in the financial and technological world.


This specialist decided to quit the company that he helped found to join Mike Baur and his Swiss Start Up Factory. Just what does this mean and what kind of impact could it have on the business scene?


What Is Hartweg’s New Role?

Hartweg quit Leonteq to become an investor in Swiss Start Up Factory. The idea here is that he will no longer be functioning in a day-to-day aspect with a company, but will instead coach companies within this unique startup.


Hartweg, who had quit his operative role at Leonteq years ago and sold his shares, is looking to make an impact in a new role.


Essentially, he will help those working with Swiss Start Up Factory learn how to properly run a business and how to expand their fintech industrial presence. He will carefully invest in various startups within the factory and earmark ones that have potential.


From there, he’ll discuss the businesses with investors, evaluate their progress, and gauge their development. The idea is that he will help identify startups that have the best chance of success and do what he can to help them reach that goal.


Just Why Did He Do This?

Hartweg sees a lot of potential in this little up-and-coming business, started by Mike Baur as a way of supporting entrepreneurs in the digital technology field. As this field expands and more people continue to invest in it in a large way, advice and guidance is often needed.


Swiss Start Up Factory will work a bit like a talent show, finding intriguing startups and helping them succeed.


Swiss Start Up Factory provides that for him by creating a unique environment in which he can exercise his skills. This is especially true with the new accelerator program the company is launching.


This is designed to focus on various fin-tech accelerator groups to help expand the possibilities of this subset of the industry. Hopefully, Hartweg and Baur can succeed in their goal and create a whole new world of intriguing startups.


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  1. John Reifler Post author

    This role will see him taking a more creative and hands-on role, something he’s been desiring for a very long time. Having worked his way to the top with Leonteq, Hartweg needed a new challenge. It is also very good to note that http://www.bestessays.org/ could also have challenge over what is necessary and to make everything possible too.


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