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Sheldon Lavin is the managing chairman and CEO of OSI Group. OSI Group is an American meat processing company which is private. It services both retail and food services industries and has its international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin is a degree holder in Accounting and Finance. He entered the meat processing industry about 47 years ago. Before his entry into the industry, Lavin was into investment banking. He first joined OSI Group as a financial consultant then known as Otto and Sons but later on became a partner. Lavin was able to expand its operations into Asia, South America, and Europe.

On 20th February 2016, Sheldon Lavin received the Global Visionary Award. The Global Visionary Award is an award rewarded to visionaries in various fields. It is awarded by the India Vision World Academy, aiming to inspire people to follow in the footsteps of the visionaries who have achieved in different areas. Sheldon was awarded for his persistence which saw OSI Group become a multi-billion international company from a small private food company.

OSI Group has been able to acquire various companies to increase its expansion and growth. One of the most known deals is the inclusion of the Baho Foods in August 2016. Baho is a Netherlands-based company which deals with the production of convenience foods and meat. The acquisition of Boha has enabled OSI Group to get into the European market since it has an established market in Europe. Apart from Baho Foods, another addition was Flagship Europe.

In his interview with Global Icon, Sheldon states that he joined financial consulting as his academic background is in accounting and finance. He started in the meat processing industry when the Kolschowsky family built the first meat processing company in West Chicago. His vision for OSI as he began was to grow the company to a world-class food processing enterprise. According to Sheldon, innovation has always been in his DNA. The employees as OSI work and live as one big family. The family culture has enabled them to achieve a lot in the meat processing industry.

Under Sheldon’s leadership, OSI Group has received several awards. It was awarded the Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council in 2016 for the risk management strategies. The company was also rewarded an environmental award in November 2016.

Contact OSI Group: www.crunchbase.com/person/sheldon-lavin

Fortress Investment Group Profits From Strategic Risk Adjusted Returns

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Fortress Investment Group generates enormous profits from strategic risk-adjusted returns on various alternative asset categories to provide tremendous value for its institutional and individual clients. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and quickly became one of the most successful and profitable alternative asset investment firms in the world. The leadership within Fortress Investment Group has provided the foundation, expertise, and knowledge that spans over three decades within global alternative asset investment. With the leadership of Wes Edens, Co-Founder, Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Peter L Briger Jr, Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer And Randall Nardone, Co-Founder and Principal. Fortress has a wealth of knowledge within its executive team that provided the foundation and guidance to propel the company too lucrative profits within the asset alternative asset investment industry.

Fortress Investment Group specializes in credit, real estate, private equity, and permanent capital vehicles that are underperforming, distressed, and illiquid capital investments in particular. They also invest heavily in various infrastructure and other commercial real estate opportunities on a global scale. Within their credit investments, they specialize in undervalued distressed and illiquid assets, commercial real estate and other loans and special situations worldwide. The credit business is run by Peter Briger who provides a vast expertise from Goldman Sachs where he was a partner and managing director and created extremely high rates of return with various committees within that organization. He arrived at Fortress Investment Group in 2002 and quickly began to expand the credit portfolio of Fortress to create extremely high rates of return on extremely lucrative credit investment opportunities.

Fortress also specializes in private equity Investments, which is an expert in transforming businesses to create long-term profitable income streams by leveraging expertise and analysis of various opportunities around the globe. The private equity business is run by Wes Edens who provides a shrewd intellectual approach to investing that enables him to create opportunities out of investment vehicles that would possibly be overlooked by other less astute investment managers. The private equity business seeks to provide long-term profits and huge returns on investment by leveraging opportunities that are ripe for explosive returns in the long run. The executive team at Fortress Investment Group provides opportunities to profit within the firm from risk-adjusted returns various alternative asset categories and creates opportunities for the business to thrive and excel into the future on a strong foundation of positive returns on investment.

In fact, there’s an art to investing in distressed and underperforming assets and Fortress Investment Group has established the right staff and investment managers to provide the intellectual capital needed to strategically evaluate various opportunities within that investment arena and capitalize on those opportunities. They have developed a streamlined approach to investing that has proven to reap tremendous returns on investment and establish the necessary profits to solidify the organization as one of the leaders and pioneers within the alternative asset investment industry. Fortress Investment Group provides its investors with an opportunity to capitalize on the experience and knowledge of its investment team to analyze and capitalize on risk-adjusted opportunities to generate astronomical returns on investment.

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Securus Technologies: Working Towards Safer Facilities

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Securus Technologies is a company that’s making great improvements in correctional facilities. With its most recent technology, known as Wireless Containment Systems, the company is making the facilities safer as well. Wireless Containment System technology provides a promising solution to contraband cell phone usage in jails and prisons. The devices act like a cell tower, however, instead of connecting calls, they are disconnected. Illegal cell phone usage in facilities has been a major concern for facility management and employees. Despite a few bumps in the road, Securus Technologies is excited to be introducing the technology in its testing phase.


The most recently acquired companies of JPay and GovPayNet have been playing their part in the project as well. These companies join Securus Technologies’ three decades of experience in the field of correctional facility management. They are both financial services companies. JPay works with customers to help wire and fund inmate accounts. GovPayNet is a payment processor on behalf of the government. The combined strength of the new partnership is anticipated to bring new technology at an unprecedented rate.


Illegal cell phone usage presents a unique challenge in correctional institutions. While there’s always been violence in facilities, contraband phones make it easy to commit crimes both inside and outside of the facility walls. The problem has resulted in the shooting of an infant, as well as a former corrections officer being shot in his own home. The devices have been able to be smuggled in by visitors, staff, and even by drones dropping them in jailyards. Legal communication monitoring services are already provided by Securus Technologies, however; there hasn’t been an easy way to stop illegal communications until these devices were introduced. Over a million communication attempts have been successfully thwarted in the testing facilities alone.


While the devices offer great hope for the future, the legality of this technology was called into question by the FCC. Fortunately, Securus Technologies was able to prove that the technology doesn’t interfere with any other networks, or cause a disturbance in any manner. Many facility officials and those working on the project are hopeful that new legislation that would require the devices is proposed.


Securus Technologies is best known for its communications services that are provided to correctional facilities. Calling plans, video visitation and voicemail access are just a few of the products currently being offered. JPay has started a program that allows inmates to purchase tablet computers with educational software and limited entertainment. This technology is beneficial, as it gives inmates the opportunity to brush up on technology and employment skills. Securus Technologies has also received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and earned an “A+” rating. With an over 95 percent customer satisfaction rating, Securus Technologies is most likely a name you’ll hear about in the near future.


The Life of a Stage Manager Featuring Clayton Hutson

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When most people think of the music industry, they have thoughts about famous musicians, popular bands, dynamic music videos and lots of fame. However, there is another side to the music industry that a lot of people do not see. That is the technical and business aspect of this business.


Most people will never become a music star or have a career like the top musicians of today. Since this is the case, some people have figured out that they can be a part of the music industry by working behind the scenes. A respected music industry stage manager named Clayton Hutson is living out this reality as a professional stage manager.


Clayton Hutson is a stage manager that offers his services to musicians and event organizers. He has been in the business for many years and has worked with the some of the biggest names in the industry. Hutson not only provides his services to famous entertainers he also markets his company to regional and local talents.


As a stage manager Hutson sets up music concerts for his clients. He also decorates venues and develops new audio and visual technologies for clients. Hutson states that he takes a realistic approach to his work. Hutson has to ensure that he is not taking any type of actions that will harm his reputation as a stage manager. If he makes one bad call or does something wrong, he could completely ruin his reputation. This in turn would limit his ability with getting more work. Hutson’s work is very dependent on his ability to consistently deliver high quality sound and visuals for his clients. Learn more: https://about.me/claytonhutson


Clayton Hutson knows how important it is to an artist’s success to have a good concert turnout. Most musicians get their money from concerts. So, they have to make sure that their concerts are going smoothly and that they are producing high quality live shows. Stage Mangers like Clayton Hutson is essential to this process. Without them, a musician would have an extremely difficult time performing for fans in a live venue. You can find out more about Clayton Hutson and his important work as a stage manager from his interview with Brotalk.com.


Bradesco’s Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi And The New Leadership Style That Would Define Its Future

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The brave fight for the obstacles that are not for them, but for the benefit of the community, employees or a large section of a layer of the society. It is interesting to note that not many in the modern society we live in seem to acknowledge the importance of such leadership and courage. For the community to sustain its operations, a leader should always have the virtues and courage to face the risks. One of the few banks today that understand the importance of a good business leader is Bradesco, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is one of the leaders today that understand the importance of such values.

The Leave of Bradesco’s Leader

There are so many kinds of challenges that Bradesco faces today, but one of them would be the fact that there would be a new leadership to happen under its management according to istoe.com.br. The courage and other virtues ingrained in the bank may be abjured by the next manager, and that’s going to cost a lot to the bank’s finance system. There are going to be hidden risks in the new administration, and these include getting a leader that can abuse their discretion, abuse their process positions and hide costs that may risk the company’s blowup. We should understand, too, that many things can withstand the new changes in our economic set-up or in the way technology is changing the world today, and that’s going to be something that Bradesco’s new leadership should prepare for.

It is also reported from The Folha website that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be one replacing Brandao as the head of the board as Brandao is exiting the bank. The vacancy of the vice-presidency would also mean that Bradesco would be getting Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme as the new vice president.

The Maturation

It is in the expert opinion of Luiz Cappi, who also used to be Bradesco’s CEO, that the new changes in the management would mean a significant and progressive maturity of the bank regarding innovation and management style. Right now, it has also been official, too, that Luiz Cappi’s leadership has been the central contributor of leveraging the operations of Bradesco as a tool to rebuild the almost impecunious level of economy of Brazil. He’s been able to consolidate different sections of the bank and use his expertise to overhaul Bradesco for the better. One of the critical decisions he made that turned out highly positive was the fact that he led the acquisition of HSBC in Brazil.

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The Crumbling Government

A government has to be decentralized to make it less abstract and make it more accountable to those who lead it. This is also what Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi believes. He thinks that what makes the banking system of Brazil a bit problematic is because the government is crumbling. It doesn’t seem to have a decentralized unit that could respond to the needs of the community as a grassroots system. What it has is an abstract central network with no one to account for the mistakes.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

In 1992 Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, after being the Director of Marketing would become the Executive Director and President of Bradesco’s private pension company until 1998. In 1999 Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was become the Vice President of Bradesco, and the Chief Executive. In 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would become Bradesco’s next president.

Source: https://g1.globo.com/economia/negocios/noticia/sucessao-no-conselho-do-bradesco-foi-um-ato-planejado-diz-trabuco.ghtml

Sahm Adrangi Of Kerrisdale Capital Tries To Expose Kodaks Exploits

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Sahm Adrangi has stated clearly that he is unimpressed with the latest efforts being made at Eastman Kodak, which is a printing and photo company that has been in operation for quite a long time, and at one time was the biggest contender in the market. Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital has recently called out Kodak for their questionable stock price changes, reaching almost a 200 percent increase. This turns out to be hundreds of millions of dollars in profit in a just small amount of time. Kerrisdale has been observing the activity of Kodak and the large share values obtained by the Kodak board representatives. All of this happened right after Kodak made the announcement of its involvement in cryptocurrency.

Kerrisdale has reported that Kodak and a cryptocurrency group were partnering up in order to sort out a few copyright violation issues. Unfortunately for Kodak, this new move might not help them at all with their current problems. Hardly any publicity has been generated under Kodak’s new allegiance with a cryptocurrency group, which will ultimately cause Kodak’s revival to fail. Sahm Adrangi also warns people to be wary of not only Kodak, but Kodak’s partner’s as well. These crypto groups have been found to be unreliable, especially with the volatile crypto market that is currently in place. On an even worse note, Kerrisdale has plainly stated that KodakOne is a total scam business and is a last-ditch effort to gain their assets back.

Kerrisdale was started up back in 2009 by Sahm Adrangi, and he currently resides as the company’s CEO. Sahm has unique principles in place at Kerrisdale and takes communication very seriously when it comes to making investments. Much of the experience Sahm gained to started off his investing career came from Yale University, where Sahm studied Economics. After graduating and finding his way into the industry, Sahm ended up working with several prestigious investment firms, including Longacre Fund Management, Deutsche Bank, and even Chanin Capital Partners. Sahm is dedicated to pushing out the shady business practices and suspicious moves made by company’s these days. This is why Kerrisdale continues to issues reports on various companies and their actions as a way to alert all investors out there.


David McDonald Has Led The OSI Group To Global Success

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David McDonald learned to appreciate agriculture when he was very young. He spent his childhood on a farm in Iowa. After he had worked on the farm for many years he decided he wanted to improve the industry’s operations. His parents were far from wealthy but determined the best way to help their son in accomplishing his goals was to provide him with a good education. In 1987 David McDonald began attending the Iowa State University in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in the field of animal science.

David McDonald attended the university until his studies were completed and he had earned his degree. In 1991 he joined OSI Industries based out of Chicago. His integrity and hard work enabled him to rise through the leadership of the company’s ranks. He eventually became the President and Operations Officer for OSI Industries. His outstanding achievements and exceptional leadership led to the honor of being presented with the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. David McDonald has become one of the most well respected members in his industry.

The OSI Group is the leading supplier of proteins including beef patties, sausage links, sandwiches and pizza in the world. They have facilities located in seventeen countries and eight operational factories in China alone. David McDonald has plans to ensure the OSI Group becomes China’s biggest poultry producer. This is why in 2012 a joint venture was established between the OSI Group and the DOYOO Group. During the same year the Henan province witnessed the launch of a new, mega processing plant. David McDonald is working for both profitability and sustainability.

David McDonald’s guidance has also led the OSI Group to numerous additional and profitable endeavors. In 2012 the company expanded a beef processing factory in Poland, built a facility to process frozen foods in India and began a modern feed mill so necessary for the Shandong providence. The capacity of the feed mill is nearly 600000 metric tons. There were also projects taking place in Hungary and Geneva.

The strategy employed to expand the European market resulted in the 2016 acquisition of Baho Food. David McDonald felt this acquisition was significant and a compliment to the products already in existence. This acquisition also increased the demand for their products. David McDonald has the ability to stay current with global trends and coordinate the efforts of the local operations and the global logistics team.

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National Steel Car: Becoming A Successful Company

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1The National Steel Car is rolling stock producing company which has been around for more than 100 years. The company’s history began when the wealthy investors based in Hamilton, Ontario decided to create a production company that would be beneficial to the rail project of the Canadian Government. In the 1920s, the company never expected that they would be growing exponentially, because of the influx of new investors and clients who wanted to buy their rolling stocks.


It came a time that the National Steel Car could no longer accommodate all customers, and they are posting information that the next batch of orders will arrive after weeks, and even months. Because of the quality of their product, their customers are willing to wait for a long time just to get their rolling stocks. The main clients of the National Steel Car back then are private companies operating rail transport services, and the Canadian Government itself. Click Here for more information.


During the Great Depression and the Second World War, the world started to look and feel different for the National Steel Car. People no longer buy their products, and they are on the brink of declaring bankruptcy. However, they are saved after the war when they were paid huge sums of money from the Canadian Government because of how they showed their willingness to offer their services to their home country. In 1962, a huge steel-making company called Dofasco purchased the rolling stock manufacturing company and started to reshuffle the company’s management. The company would be under their control for the next 30 plus years, but it would change just because of news that has no basis.


According to some experts, the rolling stock manufacturing industry would greatly suffer in the 1980s and the 1990s. Looking at the statement as a prophecy, Dofasco decided to sell the National Steel Car to James Aziz, a brilliant business-minded person who can enrich and develop companies that are on the brink of being bankrupt. James Aziz used his abilities and strength to channel positivity among the employees left behind by Dofasco and promised them that his management would take care of them. He introduced new rules and regulations later on, and he employed an additional number of people that would help in the rolling stock production.


Today, the National Steel Car is still under the control of Gregory James Aziz. He is always hosting a job fair for the people of Hamilton, and Gregory James Aziz stated that anyone who is ready to learn could join their company.


More on: https://gregoryaziz1.wordpress.com/

Stansberry Research Continues To Add Lifetime Subscribers

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Based in Baltimore, Maryland since its inception in 1999, Stansberry Research continues to build its subscriber base with its insightful research offerings for the individual investor. It’s software and financial information is relied upon by well over 500,000 investors worldwide with over 70,000 people deeming the information valuable enough to their portfolios that they have opted for a lifetime subscription.

Whether you are looking for strategies for value investing, fixed income investments, dividend investing, income-generating options trading Stansberry Research provides a wealth of knowledge in each area along with numerous other avenues.

Stansberry Research provides the individual investor with a wealth of tools including but not limited to: pre-market briefings, price and news updates on all major stock markets globally, opinions, strategic advice, as well as daily and weekly publications. This is only a glimpse of what the company offers and for more of what Stansberry Research delivers there are a number of trials available to the skeptic and those that simply wish to learn and see more.

Early this month, Justin Brill one of the many Stansberry Reasearch analysts with over 175 years of experience collectively published a briefing entitled “The U.S. Inches Closer To War.” Provocative headline aside, Brill was speaking to the possibility of an impending global trade war precipitated by President Trump’s proposed and threatened tariffs as well as his overall impetuousness and unpredictability.

However, prior to tackling this possibility and Stansberry Research’s analysis of the possibility and impact of said tariffs, Brill firs took at look at his colleague Steve Sjuggerud’s bullish call on Japanese stocks made back in November 2016 (Dailywealth).

Sjuggerud’s analysis provided a call to action to purchase Japanese stocks through his True Wealth portfolio. Brill reminds subscribers that since that “strong buy” recommendation that portfolio has gained roughly 20%.

Brill added to this piece of analysis with his subsequent research on Japanese stocks, and all of this before he presented his own on an impending(?) U.S-led trade war.

This is the type of work that subscribers to Stansberry Research have come to love and expect from the company each day.


How The Fashionable Feel Because of Academy of Art Insitute

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While fashion is truly appreciated by a select few people, there are still enough people to market to in the fashion industry. Otherwise, there would be no fashion industry. There is a sizable group of people that are very interested and even amazed by how good an item looks. It is not uncommon for someone to look at an outfit or even a piece of clothing and wonder how it would feel to actually wear that item. With the Academy of Art University, designers can learn how to bring about these types of items that make people want to explore these items.

Academy of Art University is one of the facilities that help channel the creativity of fashion designers and give them outlets to use for their creativity. With this type of instruction, people will find designers or sellers that are willing to use their designs. All that is needed is for them to develop their talents and allow their creativity to flow so that they will attract the attention of someone. Then they can come up with ready to wear lines that are very elegant and will make people feel the way they want to feel. For instance, there are types of clothing that look and feel in ways that can make people feel in ways that they did not believe were possible.

One thing that fashion design classes will teach at Academy of Art University is the importance of knowing body types. For one thing, clothes will fit differently on different body types even if the people are the same size. Therefore, they will learn about what types of designs to use for some of the different types of body types. They can also decide on whether or not to go for a more generic type of clothing for all body types.

Find out more about Academy of Art University: http://norcal.news/news/24168-have-passion-fashion-explore-your-creative-side-academy-art-university