Speaking With a Consultant of Equities First Holdings is Going To Be One of The Most Recommended Courses of Actions For You To Take Towards Ensuring You Are Able To Obtain a Fair and Practical Loan

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Equities First Holdings is a lending corporation that is helping out many different individuals with high net-worth and businesses. They’re a corporation that’s placing a lot of importance towards ensuring that their borrowers are being provided with some of the fairest terms of borrowing in the industry of lending.There are many different elements of fair practices of lending. It’s highly imperative for borrowers of loans to ensure that the institutions that they obtain their particular loan amounts for are being offered to them with low and/or fair interest rates. It’s also imperative for them to know that the payback terms should be structured in ways that it is practical and fair for them as well.

Equities First Holdings is a lending corporation that truly understands business’s needs of obtaining loans. A business may need to obtain a loan for many different reasons. Firstly, it’s important for a business owner to have a clear snapshot of the current conditions of their business. A business owner may need to improve/upgrade the conditions of their assets such as land, equipment, and/or buildings. If you’re a business owner who happens to be facing such a circumstance, then you may be able to take advantage and benefit from a fair and practical loan that’s offered by the corporation of Equities First Holdings.

Equities First Holdings has structured their loan programs in ways that their borrowers are being provided with some of the fairest options of loans solutions in the market. Be sure to speak with one of the corporation’s consultants, as they’re always eager to assist in any ways that they can. It’s recommended for you to speak with a consultant so that you can get an understanding of just how their different types of loans are structured and what their terms entail.

Jason Hope the Futurist, Extoles the Internet of Things

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Jason Hope is many things. He is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, futurist, and technologist. Arizona State University (ASU) awarded Hope a degree in Finance, and he received an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He practices his trade as writer, commentator and refers to the tech explosion as the “Internet of Things.”

Jason Hope is a futurist. He recognizes that the new Technology permits our computers, smartphones, kitchen appliances, cars, street lights, making coffee, turning on the lights of the home and warming up a car from inside the home on a cold day. Public transportation itself is digitally connected creating safer transportation, better controls over the maintenance of trains, and warnings of the hazards ahead. The “Internet of Things” syncs all these devices with each other, using the same interconnections or network and learn more about Jason.

The internet connection has changed our lives and also how we do business and advanced our ability to improve our capacity to integrate all knowledge, directly and quickly. The challenge is for every element in society, including its corporations, to adapt to these technological trends. Soon there will not be a choice but to move forward or be left behind because a new economy and lifestyle has been created throughout the world. Online businesses and even educational institutions are now competing for customers and students, with online universities. Waste is being eliminated, and there is more time to be creative and productive.

Jason Hope just does not just sit back and think, he is very active in supporting those that understand the need to benefit society. He has committed $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. SENS is developing cutting edge anti-aging research. Such research creates not only a longer life but a more productive life. SENS’s also focuses on preventive medicine to stop diseases of the body which causes Alzheimer’s, heart and lung disease. In taking this approach, SENS is challenging traditional medicine. Hope has adopted SENS as the charitable organization that he can support and more information click here.

Hope invests his time and money in his company, Jawa, which is a mobile communications company. He has partnerships with other technological enterprises and his Youtube.

More visit: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/jason-hope-explores-internet-things-090000898.html

3 Tips For Success in Acting by Nine9

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There are several things you must do in order to be a successful actor in the business. Nine9 is here to help shed some light on things you need to know so you can surpass all the annoying struggles if you were to ever skip these tips.It all begins with acting classes. You may want to be an actor but may not be 100 percent completely comfortable in front of a camera. It’s a different thing to be acting in a mirror at home compared to a big TV show camera with several dozens of people watching you get into your emotions. Acting classes will help prepare you so you know how to access your emotions even with tons of people watching you.

Aside from classes, Nine9 recommends that you utilize the power of networking. The Internet and building your social media is great. You can invest in a website and build your Instagram following, and these two things alone will help open the door for showcasing who you are. Nine9 is very powerful and they can help you out a lot with your networking skills because of the people who know them personally.

Their last tip for success is to understand the no job is too small. Every job is unique in its own way. Even roles as an extra or background actor are great to do because they build experience and help exercise your knowledge on being on a real set. Nine9 loves to get new actors on background work. It helps build your discipline, opens new doors, and can give you the chance to make some serious without doing much work.Nine9 is the one company who is going to catapult your career. Working with them means you have experts behind you and supporting you, ensuring you actually succeed.


Jose Auriemo Neto at the Helm of Success at JHSF

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JHSF was established in the late 20th century and currently runs its base of operations from Sao Paulo. It has regional operation headquarters in Manaus and Salvador with high interest in areas like Punta Del Este in Uruguay, Miami and New York in the United States. In Brazil, JHSF has managed to dominate the real estate development industry significantly. The company is dedicated to acquiring, managing and the development of luxury residential homes and hotels, shopping complexes, upscale restaurants and a state of the art airport. The company is currently served by Jose Auriemo Neto as the Chairman and Chief executive officer.

JHSF is comprised of four major business specializations including malls, Fasano Hotels, an Executive Airport, and incorporations. It is widely known for its strategic moves to incorporating new and unexplored business opportunities by providing diverse operational techniques and the implementation of sustainable solutions. JHSF is focused on these particular specializations due to the fact that the real estate market is experiencing a constant revolution in the global market. The company is committed to coming up with cutting edge products that will appeal to the big wigs in the international real estate markets.

Owing to the immeasurable success that the company has experienced since its inception, the retail branch has been able to create a rapport through partnerships with various prominent fashion brands. Some include Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Pucci among others. JHSF was also able to initiate the launch of RED Valentino stores in Brazil. The company was a privately held entity up to the point that it launched an IPO that proved to be successful in 2007.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is the incumbent chairman and chief executive officer of JHSF. He is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the operations of the buildings under the company’s management. Jose started working for JHSF in 1993 and has since then been able to grow through various leadership positions in the company to date. While he was still a teenager, he set off his first company known as Parkbem. The company now features a chain of small parking spaces running operations under JHSF. Jose Auriemo Neto doubles as one of the board members of Fasano Hotels as well.

To know more visit @ http://www.guiainvest.com.br/mural/jhsf3.aspx

Equities First UK Does What They Can TO Put Cash In Your Pocket

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There are many reasons why a business owner want to consider acquiring services of a loan specialist. Oftentimes, business owners fall on times in which they may need to ask for a loan. Such a loan may be needed by a business owner in times of opening a business, or when needing more capital to fund further investments than what they may have already invested in. This is why it’s highly recommended for individuals to ensure that they’re taking the time that’s necessary to do a bit of researching on a loan specialist who they’d can depend on; however, if there is no time to waste, like a position that most business owners are in, they’d may want to consider speaking to a representative of Equities First UK.

Equities First UK is a great option for anyone who may be needing a loan and they’d happen to be a high net-worth individual. Many high net-worth individuals have difficulties finding loan providers who will actually provide them with a loan. They’d can request a loan for just about anything. Equities First UK even offers non-purpose loans for high net-worth individuals. If you happen to be in such a position, the please contact a loan specialist of Equities First UK today, as they will be more than happy to assist you with your very needs.

If you are a business who is in need of acquiring a business loan, then Equities First UK may be able to give you the amount of capital that you need. They offer some great terms with low interest rates, thus, assuring you that you will not be maying any more than what you may have had the opportunity of paying if obtaining a loan from elsewhere. In other words, Eqnuities First UK is highly competitive with their interest rates. Be sure to ask a loan specialist whether there are any deals that you may be able to take advantage of when you call.

Read More Equities First : www.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc

Nine9 the UnAgency Provides Relief to the Disadvantaged Talented People Looking to Grow Their Careers

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Nine9 The UnAgency helps aspiring models, musicians, and actors get their foot in the entertainment industry. According to Anthony Thomas, general manager and Founder of the firm, the inspiration came from his experience as a kid. He was usually sidelined in school activities like sports due to his tiny body. He observed that the bigger percentage of students was left out yet they could perform like the rest. About 99 percent of talented people get left out of opportunities because they lack representation. Nine9 The UnAgency aims to provide these people with the much-needed representation. The talent promoting powerhouse is founded on a strong belief that the 99 percent have a voice, which forms the basis of the acronym Nine9 Talent Agency. Nine9 The UnAgency does not take commissions on any works performed by the people who pass through it. This commitment to promoting talent sets it apart from agencies.

The Benefits

Nine9 The UnAgency is easily accessible through where any interested person can fill an application form. They then undergo a probing process, which is straightforward and easy to follow. However, it calls for a person’s energy and time. Thousands of talents across the United States have gone through Nine9’s hands where they have been helped to take charge of their careers. The firm provides the right platform, such as auditions, marketing tools, and resources, to help talented individuals live up to their dreams. The company has created a reputation among the people who have benefited from the services offered. According to a fashion show producer, Nine9 has a marvelous database that is easy to access. Therefore, working with the firm is always satisfying.

Professional Guidance

Nine9 The UnAgency has the best team of professionals, such as photographers, makeup artists, and skills teachers that offer proper guidance. They guide on how to be groomed before photo-shoots, what to carry, and how one should conduct himself/herself through the whole process.

About Nine9 Talent Agency : www.instagram.com/nine9dotcom/?hl=en

Discover the religion with a million differences from others – Kabbalah

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In life, growth is key be it physical, emotional and more significant spiritual growth. Adequate spiritual fulfillment means the soul too is ultimately fed. Individuals get spiritual satisfaction in different ways depending on their religion and cultural beliefs as you will learn below.

Kabbalah is one of the religious teachings taught in most parts of the world. It is a study of how to get fulfillment in our lives. It illustrates a principle that relates to people of all faith and origin, irrespective of their background. The teaching touches in all areas of our lives including health, careers, and relationship, and it trusts that they all have the same origin and must work at the same level. The aim of teaching Kabbalah is to give spiritual satisfaction. And the beauty of studying Kabbalah is that one is not forced to think in a particular manner; instead, one is provided with the information, and what is shared must have a practical outcome in their lives.

Kabbalah Center International is a non-profitable organization dedicated to distributing the Kabbalah teachings. It was established by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 in Jerusalem, with an exclusive purpose of providing wisdom and tools that will improve people’s lives and promote peace in the world. Kabbalah teachings are mainly based on Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings that are provided through physical locations and online education that gives lectures, downloads, books, Cds, and DVDs. Preaching to the converted: how Kabbalah keeps on growing .

Kabbalah Center is located in Los Angeles California where it has its headquarters. It has experienced tremendous growth since its establishment, with over 50 locations world over with 5000 training every week. Its founder, Rav Yehuda was succeeded by his student Rav Yehuda Brandwein 1969. The responsibility was later on passed to Phillip Berg, whom together with his wife, Karen Berg and their two sons Yehuda and Michael is currently managing the Center. The center’s staff members are multi-ethnic and international whose responsibility is to offer the Kabbalistic education and guidance to its universal students and community as a whole. The Kabbalah Center helps its students and the communities to exchange ideas, spiritual growth and most importantly develop a relationship with individuals of the same believe.

https://livestream.com/Kabbalah-Centre-Europe for more .

Contacting a Loan Agent of Equities First- AU Is Perhaps One of Your Best Options For Obtaining a Loan With Fair Interest Rates and Payback Terms

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Equities First- AU is a lending company that’s currently offering prospective buyers an opportunity in which they may be able to borrow capital for their personal usage or businesses. If you are not sure about what you may be able to do to potentially obtain a loan through a lending company, it’s recommended for you to contact a representative of Equities First- AU, as they’ll be more than happy to guide and assist you in your endeavors of obtaining a loan.

Equities First- AU understands that business owners have needs of acquiring capital so that they may be able to invest in more assets such as machinery, equipment, tools, or even buildings. By speaking with a loan agent of Equities First- AU, you may be able to begin your loan application immediately. Prior to speaking with a loan agent, it’s recommended for you conduct a bit of a personal analysis in which you will decide whether you will be able to pay off the loan amount within the specified period of time on your particular contract, whether the interest rate is accommodating to your particular budget, and if obtaining the capital is going to be worth it, as you will accumulate interest costs. If after conducting you analysis you decide that obtaining a loan is going to be in your best interest, it’s recommended for you to speak with a representative of Equities First– AU, as they’re currently offering some of the lowest interest rates in the lending market.

High net-worth individuals are provided an opportunity in which they’re capable of finally obtaining a non-purpose loan. Equities First- AU is absolutely non-judgmental and they may be willing to work with any individual who is wanting to borrow money for whatever their personal reasons may be. Speaking with a representative of one of today’s best lending organizations will provide you with all of the answers to any questions that you may have.

Samuel Strauch, The Real Estate Investor And Banker

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Samuel Strauch is a graduate of Hofstra University, New York where he did a business course. He attended Erasmus University in Rotterdam and the Harvard University. In his career, he started off with the banking industry, but after a while, he focused in the real estate business in South Florida. He developed and in 2002 he formed his company that is well established today. The company works with partners in equity sourcing, development, acquisitions, management and brokerage of property in South Florida and Latin America.

Apart from being a realtor, he has invested in internet, restaurant business and loves photography and art in general. He drew the real estate business idea from the Miami view of new houses that made him realize that he could get international clients who could buy property. The secret to his empire success is the fact that he meets new people, interacts with the customers, partners, brokers together with fellow realtors. This interaction will enable the business to get new ideas and grow daily. Provided the plans are executed and implemented, the business will excel.

Read more on Behance.net.

Samuel Strauch loves meditating when he has time to spare. Meditation makes him focus on both personal and professional sides. It has benefits since one can find solutions to problems then forge ahead.

After school, Samuel Strauch worked at an operation department and his experience there was not good. He said that work was boring since there was nothing creative and interactive in the firm. To him, it is good to do things that you like, and one should be true to himself or herself.

He insists that every experience in life is essential so that people can learn from mistakes and correct them, they should not regret. Individuals in business should always think of winning, as a man be grateful for all that you have, strive to achieve your goals and people should always keep an open mind and be curious to learn more.

Find more details about Samuel Strauch: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbXRpiK213rcrr-7iNNLXXw

Rick Shinto of Securus Technologies Develops Modern Technology Gadgets for Safety in Prisons

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It is undisputed that executive team leaders are the key decision makers in every organization. Top management leaders formulate purpose while instilling values, influence, and culture in the team. Most chief executive officers affect the outcome of results in management. These people determine the results of implemented strategies in organizations. The influence has been quantified to 29 % according to society for industrial and organizational psychology. With Rick Smith as the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, this organization has made news headlines for being a top service provider of communication gadgets and safety equipment in correctional facilities and public safety.

Learn more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies


Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies in 2008. His service to this company has been exemplary with the company bagging awards and receiving positive client review. In 2015, Smith acquired JPay via the company’s definitive stock. JPay is an ultimate platform for modern payments, communications, entertainment as well as education in the prison facility. JPay has been a long time service deliverer for email and online payments as well. The company has served more than 33 correctional facilities. Rick Smith explained that the merger of acquisition would provide state of the modern art technologies. This would, in turn, produce groundbreaking tools as well as platforms to aid in the operations of correctional facilities.


Before Rick joined Securus Technologies, he was at Eschelon Telecom Inc. Between 2003 and 2007, he was appointed the president of the company. Initially, he had served as the chief operating officer as well as the chief financial officer of the company between 1998 and 2003. Rick Smith worked at Global Crossing for twenty-six years. In the company, he held more than one executive position. He was the president, controller as well as the chief information officer of the company between 1972 and 1998. Smith has worked for other companies at an executive level. At Frontier Technologies, he was the president. He was also a director at Midwest Telephone Operations. The board member of Integra and Eschelon Telecom has extensive experience in management. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.


Smith has merged with various leading and qualified service providers in providing best services for correctional facilities. In 2016, he brokered a partnership with the Harris Corporation. This was in a bid to secure the distribution of contraband products for security. According to Rick Smith, the products would help the prison officials in managing and controlling contraband cell phones as well as any other wireless gadgets. This partnership saw Securus Technologies be the sole provider and distributor of devices to penal institutions across the United States of America.


Rick Smith is an alumnus of the Rochester University. The Bachelor of Science graduate holds a degree in electrical engineering from Rochester too. He advanced his studies by joining the University of New York for a master’s degree in mathematics in addition to business administration.