Personal Experience Pushes The Work of Human Rights Activist Thor Halvorssen

For the majority of people in the world the image of human rights activists can often be a negative one filled with preconceptions about worthy ideas often not backed up by the correct actions. Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation has been looking to change this image of the activism community with a major push to bring his own experiences to the work he completes that is often based in some of the world’s most dangerous countries.

Thor has never been afraid to take on the major figures in business and government after seeing the strength of character shown by members of his own family in the face of terrible experiences. Both parents of the Venezuelan born University of Pennsylvania graduate saw their human rights stripped from them because of their actions in their home country; Thor’s father was given the role of drug czar and uncovered corruption throughout the law enforcement community before he was imprisoned and tortured in a bid to seal his silence on the matter.

Thor Halvorssen has since continued the family tradition of fighting for what is right no matter what kind of harm the individual faces, which dates back to his ancestor who controlled the Norwegian Merchant Navy during World War II fighting to keep the fleet from falling into the hands of occupying Nazi forces. The work Thor has completed with the Human Rights Foundation has made him one of the most respected members of the human rights activism community because of his commitment to areas of the world often ignored because they are difficult to access. In the past Thor Halvorssen has entered countries and used drones to bring information and vital equipment to dissidents in countries like North Korea that are difficult to access without a great sense of ingenuity.

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  1. Armani Zechariah Post author

    Human rights issues continued for the Halvorssen family when Thor’s mother took part in an protest against the rule of Venezuela’s socialist leader Hugo Chavez, which resulted in her being shot and injured by government agents. It is their willingness for to be able capture enough of these things in order to harness a lot of these powerful things too.


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