Securus Technologies Press Release Details Global Tel Link Transgressions

Securus Technologies is known for providing technology solutions to corrections facilities and other entities within the criminal justice field. Being a respected leader in this industry has led to Securus being a company that keeps a sharp eye on developments within the world of criminal justice technologies. This has resulted in the company publishing a press release that details some of the wrongdoings of an inmate communications provider called Global Tel Link.

The Securus press release provides an overview of some of the most serious charges that have been leveled against Global Tel Link. For example, Global Tel Link has been accused of programming the clocks in the phones used at correctional facilities to add 15 or 36 seconds to the duration of all calls. Advancing call clocks in this manner is not approved of and is against the law. Global Tel Link has also been accused of inflating charges by adding charges to calls that had already been rated. This is a concerning practice and yet another reason that Global Tel Link has been the subject of this press release from Securus Technologies.

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If these charges were not enough to get Global Tel Link to change their ways, there are more press releases on the way. Securus plans to release a series of press releases in the near future. These releases will detail some of the other misdeeds of the inmate telecommunications provider.

Unfortunately, when companies within an industry decide to use business practices that are unfair and/or deceptive, those actions can lead to an entire industry being viewed in a poor light. Kudos to Securus Technologies for taking bold action via these press releases. This plan should help to shed some light on what Global Tel Link has been up to and should lead to a better public perception of the inmate communications industry.

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    Securus believes that releasing this information will result in Global Tel Link admitting to their misdeeds and putting measures in place to prevent these types of things from happening in the future. I have to say that dissertation writing team is the coolest right now and will continue to be for a long time.

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