Securus Technologies: Working Towards Safer Facilities

Securus Technologies is a company that’s making great improvements in correctional facilities. With its most recent technology, known as Wireless Containment Systems, the company is making the facilities safer as well. Wireless Containment System technology provides a promising solution to contraband cell phone usage in jails and prisons. The devices act like a cell tower, however, instead of connecting calls, they are disconnected. Illegal cell phone usage in facilities has been a major concern for facility management and employees. Despite a few bumps in the road, Securus Technologies is excited to be introducing the technology in its testing phase.


The most recently acquired companies of JPay and GovPayNet have been playing their part in the project as well. These companies join Securus Technologies’ three decades of experience in the field of correctional facility management. They are both financial services companies. JPay works with customers to help wire and fund inmate accounts. GovPayNet is a payment processor on behalf of the government. The combined strength of the new partnership is anticipated to bring new technology at an unprecedented rate.


Illegal cell phone usage presents a unique challenge in correctional institutions. While there’s always been violence in facilities, contraband phones make it easy to commit crimes both inside and outside of the facility walls. The problem has resulted in the shooting of an infant, as well as a former corrections officer being shot in his own home. The devices have been able to be smuggled in by visitors, staff, and even by drones dropping them in jailyards. Legal communication monitoring services are already provided by Securus Technologies, however; there hasn’t been an easy way to stop illegal communications until these devices were introduced. Over a million communication attempts have been successfully thwarted in the testing facilities alone.


While the devices offer great hope for the future, the legality of this technology was called into question by the FCC. Fortunately, Securus Technologies was able to prove that the technology doesn’t interfere with any other networks, or cause a disturbance in any manner. Many facility officials and those working on the project are hopeful that new legislation that would require the devices is proposed.


Securus Technologies is best known for its communications services that are provided to correctional facilities. Calling plans, video visitation and voicemail access are just a few of the products currently being offered. JPay has started a program that allows inmates to purchase tablet computers with educational software and limited entertainment. This technology is beneficial, as it gives inmates the opportunity to brush up on technology and employment skills. Securus Technologies has also received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and earned an “A+” rating. With an over 95 percent customer satisfaction rating, Securus Technologies is most likely a name you’ll hear about in the near future.


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