Success isn’t always a clean sweep: Handy’s Transitions Mirror an Amusement Park Ride – an online market place specializing in home services, may have reached the top of their roller coaster ride of a business venture….for now. Founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua in 2012, the company has been subjected to thriving growth as well as crippling missteps during the short four years since it’s inception. During the initial start up, Handy received generous funding and established a method of aggressive outspending in order to best their competitors and grow their business as quickly as possible. However, this once successful business model met a rocky, fiery fate in July of 2015. A rival company went out of business which proved to be a fantastic and detrimental situation simultaneously. On the positive side, Handy was now without competition which meant more attention to overall service quality, The negative was that from the beginning Handy had been plagued by poor consumer reviews and near fatal missteps, for example running a promotion over the Easter weekend leaving them severely understaffed and forced the company to grant a huge amount of credits back, which further complicated the position Hanrahan and Dua were in. In an attempt to cut a significant amount of costs, consumer service representative positions in Handy’s call centers were outsourced to Florida and Missouri resulting in a huge lay off of representatives as well as additional customer frustration. Yest somehow, Handy and it’s quick thinking founders survived. Arguably the biggest blow yet was felt later in 2016 as the company was preparing to launch it’s self service model. Costs would be greatly cut but alternatively, more jobs would be lost as a result.  Fortunately for Handy, the risk proved to be most successful as profits started rising. Currently, Handy’s business is heading towards a bright, prosperous future though founders Hanrahan and Dua are reportedly bracing for the next dip in the rollercoaster.


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    Many employees decided to take other offers simply because they couldn’t afford the uncertainty surrounding the self service initiative. This time though, they’ll be much better prepared. This might mean for sure that review has all that it needs to contain everything and still use it in it full effects and do away with all that they know.


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