Susan McGalla: One Of The Most Powerful Women In Business Today

Several women have made it to the zenith of their professions in different fields. Though, majority still do not know how as well as what they can do to get there. Presently, inequality, unequal pay, and few women in boardrooms are issues of the past although drawbacks still exist. Governments and non-governmental organizations have made a great effort to counter such challenges and ensure men and women have an equal chance. Despite that, there are women that have proved they are up to the task. With their strong personality that enables them to carry out different roles, such women are advancing in the careers. They are making big steps in the corporate world, leading companies, and managing their own businesses.


For instance, the corporate world has had powerful women. Many more are on the rise. Initially, the business industry was once a no-go zone for women owing to the dominance of men. Today, that has changed considerably. Susan McGalla and other business women have created a name for themselves. Additionally, they are exceptional role models that are always willing to assist other women to rise to the top of their careers. They have innate skills that are necessary factors in the premier level management positions they have. Women like her are excellent at networking, which is essential in the business world. They are also easy to trust.


As a thriving business woman, Susan McGalla knows the trick to climbing the ladder and maintaining that position. For her, it is all about hard work, confidence, passion, and versatility. They are the critical traits that lead to excellent results in life. She knows that nothing comes easy. Therefore, it is up to each individual to recognize their powerful traits and potential and capitalize on them. She knew she was endowed with greatness and she took the chance to unlock her potential.


About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is the proprietor of Pittsburgh based P3 Executive consulting LLC. In addition, she is Pittsburgh Steelers’ director of strategic planning and growth. McGalla is well experienced in the retail and clothing industry. That is in marketing, product merchandising, branding, and talent management. She started her profession at Joseph Horne Company. Subsequently, McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters. Due to her incredible work, she became the president and chief merchandising officer of the entire organization. McGalla later moved from the firm on her own terms to start a private consultancy for the retail and financial investment sectors. Currently, McGalla is a consulting expert.

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