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Wes Edens Has A Billion Dollar Mindset And A Track Record Of Success

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Longtime observers of the private equity sector are probably well aware of Wes Edens by now. As an Oregon State graduate and a former member of the Lehman Brothers (as well as the BlackRock Asset Investors group), he has accrued a great deal of experience over the years. These experiences have provided him with the springboard necessary to achieve bigger and better things. If there is one common denominator that has held true over the course of his career, it is his ability to know where the market is headed before anyone else.After working with Lehman Brothers and the BlackRock Asset Investors Group, he co-founded the Fortress Investment Group and developed a well earned reputation as a contrarian gambler who was willing to make decisions that were not universally approved.These contrarian bets would soon position the company to become one of the most important asset managers in the world.

By the time Wes Edens stepped away from the company to pursue his next objective, Fortress Investment Group was managing tens of billions in assets worldwide.Wes Edens was able to use these past experiences as a training ground for what would come next. When Herb Kohl decided that it was time for him to sell the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, Edens and ownership partner Marc Lasry submitted the winning bid. The team was purchased for $550 million and within a couple of years, Edens and Lasry had increased its value to over $1 billion.He was not content to rest on these laurels, though. Edens is now looking to make a name for himself in the e-sports world and has already made major inroads in this regard.

After purchasing his own League of Legends team, Wes Edens was nowhere near close to satisfied.It was not enough to own a team, He decided to create an entire league and FlyQuest is already blazing a trail for other would be e-sports mavens to follow. In addition to establishing these ventures, he has also made sure that the Bucks are well positioned to take advantage of the console gaming boom that is bringing more and more young fans to the NBA.Now that the NBA is establishing a league for professional NBA 2K players, the Bucks at the forefront of this movement…thanks to Wes Edens. They are one of 16 teams who has already established their own NBA 2K franchise and if Edens’ track record is any indicator? The Bucks are ready to become the class of the league, both on the court and off.

Agora Financial Provides Investment Education For Readers

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Agora Finacial is a publishing company dedicated to improving the financial literacy of its readers. Potential investors benefit from being armed with the crucial information necessary to make intelligent investment decisions. This is precisely the type of information provided by the experienced experts at Agora Financial.The publications produced by Agora Financial are as abundant as they are diverse. There is something to benefit all styles of investors as the Agora Financial Team is aware that the individual’s reading their works have a varied interest in investment opportunities.Investors of all levels of experience can benefit from the five simple tips provided by Agora Financial to provide their readers with an excellent investing foundation.

Learn The Basics

The experts at Agora Financial suggest that all investors learn the basics of the industry even if they later choose to rely on the investment advice of experts. Individuals that commit to learning these basics will have greater control of their financial health in the future.

Long-Term Goal Setting

Long-term goal setting is a necessity to facilitate consistent short-term goal accomplishment. Agora financial advises investors to make a list of their long-term goals and organize them in order of priority.

Short-Term Goal Setting

Short-term goals are objectives with a shorter fixed time limit attached to them. Saving money for a family vacation or purchasing a new set of tires for the family vehicle can be examples of short-term financial goals.

Practice Self-Awareness When Investing

Investing activities can be either passive or active. It is important that an investor consider his own personality as well as a personal risk evaluation to determine what approach to investing fits their particular situation.

Balance Risks

Investment portfolios should be evaluated often for any need to change or diversify assets. It is important to analyze the performance of each stock that is held and to determine the cause of stock that is not performing as desired. This approach should also be extended to an individual’s long-term retirement accounts.