The Food President-David McDonald

He has been successful in the food industry where he has achieved a lot. David McDonald was born and raised in Iowa, after his High school, he joined Iowa University where he studied Bachelors of Science and specialized in Animal Science. He was lucky enough to be appointed as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute before being appointed as the project manager of OSI Group. Mr. McDonald is always committed to his endeavors and within a short period of time, he climbed the career ladder at OSI Group to the position of the firm’s President.

David McDonald has been serving in the food company for more than 30 years and he has helped the organization rise to higher heights as it is considered to be one of the premier international food processing firms in the world which delivers exceptional services to their clients. The nature of the company has helped Mr. David to gain experience as well as knowledge on how to handle a supply team that can keep up with the change of the international market. During his tenure, David has seen OSI Group expand their portfolio and even market. He has witnessed the acquisition of Baho Foods which is a Dutch company and also the launch of a new meat processing plant in China which deals mainly with poultry meat.

During an interview, David McDonald was asked several questions about his life and OSI Group, some of the questions included; how they make money in OSI, David said they are among the largest food processing organizations in the world and they make money by delivering their products to their customers who include; chain restaurant all over the world. David further said to keep up with competition, they have developed a culture of involving both their partners and their customers in their decision making, and they take the challenges of their customers serious to not only meet their demand but to also surpass their expectation. When David was asked what makes him successful he said that he attributes his success to his firm’s ability to create a solid partnership.

David is proud of all the achievements OSI Group has made, However, he said he cannot brag because it has taken more than an individual to be successful. McDonald loves what he does and he is committed to continuing meeting needs of their customers through innovation. David currently serves as a Board of Director of the North America Meat Institute.

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