The Future of Fashion and Technology Industry

The fashion and Technological industry have undergone changes over the years. Amid the dynamic world, one thing that has remained constant is that they have changed together. A change in technology has consequently, led to the change in fashion and vice versa. Understanding the two separate entities and how they have co-existed can only be understood by looking at the past and today. Moreover, the future of these two industries can also be predicted by the relationship they have had in the past.


In the 70’s, the boom box was considered fashionable. The boom box was a radio cassette player that had two tape decks. One was used to play music and the other was used to record music. Change in technology brought about the invention of the Walkman. With this small gadget, someone would customize the kind of music they wanted. In the 21st century, with the iPod, a much more personal experience became even much smaller.

Today, fashion and technology are being merged on a large-scale. Designers have incorporated technology to come up with designs that are much more appealing. With the incorporation of technology in design, designers have been rewarded with endless possibilities. Designs like the Drink Making dress and self-painting dress have won awards. Anouk Wipprecht, a fashion designer who marries technology with design, has been recognized for her Avant-Garde designs.


Taking a glimpse into the future, technology, and fashion is being married and used to protect us. Designers have come up with air bags to protect cyclists from head damage in case of impact. It is a design worn on the neck and does not impair vision. Another design that has incorporated technology for the safety of humanity is the firefighter gloves. It is specifically designed in such a way that firefighter can communicate through it. Communication guarantees efficiency and speedy evacuations.


It is, therefore, evident that technology and fashion co-exist. The growth of these two industries, together, make the world a beautiful and protected place to live.


Christopher Burch is the Founder of Creative Burch Capital. He has invested in different industries including fashion, technology, and the real estate sector. Burch entrepreneurial skill became evident during his college life. At Ithaca College, he partnered with his brother and formed a company that grew to a net worth of 165 million dollars. During his career, he has seen the foundation and rise of over 50 companies.

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