The Impact Of Influential Ryan Seacrest In The Entertainment And The Community

Ryan Seacrest is one of the characters in the entertainment industry, known as the American idol host and radio show host, who cannot be left out of the list when it comes to naming those people who have a significant influence on this industry. His life history shows that he did not come from one of the best family background meaning that his success was as a result of a lot of hard work and commitment in his career. He had the interest in entertainment since he was a young man and he made sure that he maintains his consistency in this interest because he had big dreams that one day that it will make him one of the most recognized persons in the world. He served for many years as a host in the American Idol, and when the time came for FOX to cancel it, he did not just wander around asking where he could get another employment opportunity.

He used to involve himself with essential people who are a critical factor when it comes to business. He had friends who influenced him positively and gave him a definite challenge that has kept him moving till today. One of his essential friends in his life is Kelly Ripa who gave him the opportunity to be a host at ABC on her talk live show and changed the name of the show to Live with Kelly and Ryan show.

Besides, Ryan Seacrest is also a business-oriented person as mentioned on his Facebook account. He owns some business ventures. One of the investments is the New Distinction Menswear Company. The idea for this company came after observing the gap that existed in the market when it comes to fashion for men.

He also invented a polished Skin Care for men in collaboration with one of his longtime friend Doctor lancer who had attended to him severally. You can see his pictures on his Instagram profile. He saw that in the market, there are a lot of companies that produce skin care products of ladies and he saw an opportunity to provide the same products for men to enjoy too. This is one of his most successful ventures in the business. He has many more experiments such as the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is one of his primary ways of giving back to the community.

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