The Life of a Stage Manager Featuring Clayton Hutson

When most people think of the music industry, they have thoughts about famous musicians, popular bands, dynamic music videos and lots of fame. However, there is another side to the music industry that a lot of people do not see. That is the technical and business aspect of this business.


Most people will never become a music star or have a career like the top musicians of today. Since this is the case, some people have figured out that they can be a part of the music industry by working behind the scenes. A respected music industry stage manager named Clayton Hutson is living out this reality as a professional stage manager.


Clayton Hutson is a stage manager that offers his services to musicians and event organizers. He has been in the business for many years and has worked with the some of the biggest names in the industry. Hutson not only provides his services to famous entertainers he also markets his company to regional and local talents.


As a stage manager Hutson sets up music concerts for his clients. He also decorates venues and develops new audio and visual technologies for clients. Hutson states that he takes a realistic approach to his work. Hutson has to ensure that he is not taking any type of actions that will harm his reputation as a stage manager. If he makes one bad call or does something wrong, he could completely ruin his reputation. This in turn would limit his ability with getting more work. Hutson’s work is very dependent on his ability to consistently deliver high quality sound and visuals for his clients. Learn more:


Clayton Hutson knows how important it is to an artist’s success to have a good concert turnout. Most musicians get their money from concerts. So, they have to make sure that their concerts are going smoothly and that they are producing high quality live shows. Stage Mangers like Clayton Hutson is essential to this process. Without them, a musician would have an extremely difficult time performing for fans in a live venue. You can find out more about Clayton Hutson and his important work as a stage manager from his interview with


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