The Powerful Differences Avaaz Has Made Throughout The World

There are organizations fighting to help with global issues such as human rights, animal rights, climate change, world conflicts, poverty and corruption. One of these is a civic organization based in the United States called Avaaz. They are an online network and according to the Guardian, Avaaz is the largest in the world and the most powerful. The name Avaaz is the translation of a Persian word meaning song or voice. There are many languages that have a similar form of this word and this is why it was chosen.

Res Publica is the co-founder of Avaaz and they consist of a community of professionals from the public sector. They are working on achieving their goals of the promotion of civic virtue, good governance and a deliberative democracy. The other co-founder of Avaaz is the Service Employees International Union. Avaaz does not accept donations from corporations or contributions exceeding $5,000. They are funded by their members and have currently raised in excess of $20 million.

Avaaz makes global differences with the use of campaigns. Members from more than thirty countries work together using petitions, emails, advertisements, rallies, sit-ins, telephone calls and when necessary media stunts. The chosen campaigns are decided upon by the members and this is often done with a member poll by email. Avaaz unites idealists from all over the world to try to lessen the distance between the world we are currently living in and the world most individuals want.

The causes supported by Avaaz are progressive. They call for action on serious issues including giving refugees more support, challenging Monsanto, and finding a way to deal with climate change. A good example was in 2009 during the protests in Iran due to the presidential election. Avaaz had internet proxy servers set up so protestors were able to upload videos onto the internet.

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