Thor Halvorssen Is A True Supporter Of Human Rights

Born and raised in Venezuela, Thor Halvorssen is a longtime supporter of human rights. A film producer and founder and president of the New York City-based Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen is well-known for his freedom-fighting efforts worldwide.

Coming from a politically oriented family, Thor was already campaigning for human rights as an adolescent. After each of his parents experienced negative political situations, he decided to devote his energies full-time to promoting human rights and freeing political prisoners.

With politically volatile situations occurring all over the world, the dozen staff members at the Human Rights Foundation consistently have plenty of work to do. Under Thor Halvorssen’s leadership, the organization has worked diligently to undo a host of political wrongdoings, especially in Latin America. Due to the efforts of the Human Rights Foundation, more than half a dozen prisoners of conscience have regained their freedom.

Thor Halvorssen is also the founder and CEO of the annual Oslo Freedom Forum event that is held in Oslo, Norway. At the Oslo Freedom Forum, a broad spectrum of human rights activists and notable public figures come together to discuss and act upon various issues. This event is highly regarded by people across the globe.

Although he frequently deals with negative political situations on a global level, Thor Halvorssen remains an upbeat individual who truly loves people. Thor at Facebook .

In his quest to eliminate political oppression and tyranny, Thor Halvorssen remains politically neutral himself. This human rights activist stands up to all dictators, no matter what their political affiliations may be. for more.

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