Thor Halvorssen on Creating Social Change

Thor Halvorssen has spent his adult life helping others create social movement changes. It is the primary focus of the Oslo Freedom Forum that he organizes every year. He says that these movements do not happen casually. Instead,Thor Halvorssen the most successful ones have steps that are similar in almost all circumstances.The first step in organizing a successful social movement is to define the change you want to see. The movement must be defined in positive terms.

The next step is to understand who your natural allies are going to be to help you fight the battle. Once you have rallied your core supporters, then find a way to reach out to those who will passively support your case. Once you can motivate your passive supporters to take an active role, then victory is almost assured.Understand who has the power to make the changes that you want to see happen. Consider both sides of the issue so that you can see who has the most to gain or lose. Think about how you can influence them to your way of thinking.

It is far easier to naturally draw people to the changes that you want to see occur than to try to overthrow power. Start with small goals that are easily achievable. People naturally want to be on the winning side, so make sure that you start with small attainable goals. Work your way up as people start to take notice. Try to avoid tactics like destroying property that people will see as a natural turnoff.The last step is that you need a plan for when you are successful. If people do not see what success looks like, then it is likely to crumble around the winning side very quickly . The result is chaos.If you would like more great tips, then apply to attend the Oslo Freedom Forum. This annual event features many speakers who have been successful at creating change.

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