TMS Health Solutions – Addressing Mental Health Issues with Compassion

Living with depression is a sad reality for many people all over the world. TMS Health Solutions provides help to affected individuals through psychiatric treatment and therapy. TMS Health Solutions is composed of a highly-qualified team of psychiatrists.

TMS Health Solutions is the vision of Richard Bermudes. He also functions as the Chief Medical Officer of this medical center. He created this psychiatry treatment center in 2007 with the aim of treating patients in clinical settings. The institution remains updated with newer treatment innovations and offers the best possible therapy for its patients. This group also prioritizes academic research and conducts education initiatives about depression for the community. Brad Hummel, a leader in health supervision for over two decades, occupies the position of Chief Executive Officer at TMS Health Solutions.

The primary focus of TMS health Solutions pivots around depression that is refractory to drugs or medicines. They offer Transcranial Magnetic Solutions (TMS) therapy towards this purpose. This involves carefully positioning magnets on different locations of the brain to activate these areas. This helps in depression and other psychiatric conditions such as bipolar disorders. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the treatment. The advantages of TMS treatment is that it does not involve medicines with potential side effects and is a nonsurgical option as well.

Apart from TMS therapy, TMS Health Solutions provides a wide array of solutions to psychiatric illnesses especially depression. These include psychotherapy or counseling, drug treatment or pharmaceutical approach to treatment and electroconvulsive therapy which involves giving controlled seizures to the neural components.

TMS Health Solutions has branches in the Sacramento and at TMS therapy Union Square, San Francisco. The TMS Health Solution has centers in Roseville, Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Oakland, Burlingame and San Francisco. The institute aims to expand to a further 25 locations all over the country. Treatment at TMS Health Solutions is covered by insurance, which makes it cost-effective for patients. Their therapy includes coverage by large firms such as Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California and others. TMS therapy UnionSquare, SF is conveniently placed adjacent to the University of California San Francisco’s psychiatric treatment center and serves as a hub for clinical management of patients.

TMS Health Solutions is making a difference to the lives of those affected by mental diseases and disorders. Mental illness takes a considerable toll on the lives of sufferers, and a little help goes a long way in transformation and rehabilitation of patients lives.

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