Upwork: Personal Productivity Management Skills

The freelance industry has been made much more accessible thanks to advancements in Internet technology. Upwork takes advantage of the connectivity that the Internet provides in order to connect freelance professionals with businesses that require their services. As of now, Upwork is one of the largest freelance platforms in the entire world. They have 12 million registered freelance professionals as well as 5 million registered clients which need service from these professionals. Each year Upwork facilitates $1 billion worth of business between the client and freelance professionals. In addition to their operation as a platform for freelance activities, they also manage a blog where they post tips on how to be more productive.

One of their recent blog posts included several tips on how to better utilize a to-do list. It is common knowledge that one of the most powerful tools to enhance personal levels of productivity are to-do lists. In order to best take advantage of these powerful tools, it is important that you approach them in an organized and systematic manner.

Create your to-do list the night before. It is very common to wait to create your task list until the morning of the day that you require it. If you are able to create it in advance, you will be able to start your day by being productive immediately in the morning. In the process of creating your to-do list, you should also make sure to get any possible task list. This will prevent you from becoming distracted later in the day.

Once you have every possible task on your list, you can then go through and delegate them more effectively. In order to do this in the most efficient way possible, you should organize the tasks on your list. First, organize your to-do list in order of the priority of the tasks on the list. After you have completed this, you should then go through the tasks and eliminate ones that you perceive as low value. The remaining tasks on the list can then be organized in terms of the energy level required to complete them so you can best delegate them to your personal peaks of energy.


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