Who is Jacob Gottlieb?

Jacob Gottlieb is the former Chief Investment Officer of a company known as Visium Asset management- this was before its collapse in 2016. Gottlieb was not involved in the collapse of the company. Some forces beyond his control were the reason the company closed business. He is the only executive of the collapsed company who has maintained integrity and proved innocence. However, many people may not have known him were it not for the collapse of the business. So, who is Jacob Gottlieb? We shall look at his personal contributions in the financial sector and his role as a hedge fund manager in the Wall Street.

Jacob Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, NY. He was born by parents who were professionals in diverse fields. While his father was a professor in economics, his mother was a pediatrician. As he grew up, he was determined to follow these two fields at the same time. He wanted to be an economist and a doctor. As his life would later play out, he went to a career that utilized expertise from both fields.

Jacob Gottlieb showed brilliance in investments from a young age. Due to influence from his father, he had grasped matters of economics and would analyze investment option with great accuracy. At grade 7, he won a school investment challenge. When he joined the university, he pursued two degrees. He joined Brown University for an economics degree and later New York University medical school.

Jacob would later lose interest in working in the medical field alone; he wanted to explore opportunities in the financial sector, he moved to the Wall Street where he started managing assets in medical companies. He worked with several companies which gave him experience and wealth to start his own business. He started Visium Asset Management alongside other partners.


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