Why The Wisdom Of Kaballah Is For Everyone Today

Madonna’s enthusiasm for studying Kaballah is contagious, with some celebrities finding Jewish mysticism helps them cope with the demands of Hollywood, while others saw a trend and attended the Kaballah Centre in Los Angeles once or twice before moving on to the latest fad. Since Kaballah stresses the need to help others, and wealthy celebrities, who have a sizable audience, are in the ideal position to do good in the world. Madonna was able to open a Kaballah Centre with her wealth and Elizabeth Taylor was able to offer herself in exchange for hostages by using her fame. Click Here for Kabbalah Centre news.

If the Berg’s had not opened Kaballah Centres, Hollywood’s female, non-Jewish celebrities would not be studying Kaballah. Orthodox rabbis taught Kaballah to men over the age of 40 who were scholars; women and gentiles could not hear Kaballah’s secrets. While Hollywood’s elite attends the L.A. Kaballah Centre headquarters, the nonprofit organization has centres in major cities worldwide. Philip and Karen Berg operated the Kaballah Centre in L.A. before Madonna walked through their doors; the vast majority of the individuals that attend Kaballah Centres are everyday people who are seeking answers. Kabbalah at LinkedIn .

The Kaballah Centre teaches non-Jews since they do not require students to understand Hebrew or be familiar with the Torah; they are seeking a universal audience. Philip Berg wanted to make Kaballah’s wisdom accessible to everyone, instead of keeping it a closely guarded secret. At the Kaballah Centre, people hear about the light and spirituality, which attracts individuals who are not looking for a formal religion as well.

https://livestream.com/Kabbalah-Centre-Europe for more .

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